Best Exercise Bike

Best Exercise Bike

Exercise bikes are different than regular bicycles. Regular bicycles come in all shape and sizes, they can be used for racing, cruising or trail riding. Exercise bikes can not be used for any of those, but they do come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and they can range from simple to really sophisticated.

Simple exercise bikes can be found all the way back to the 1940’s and 1950’s. They were mostly built by the same manufacturers as regular bicycles. These simple exercise machines did not have any fancy gizmos or flashing lights, but they did provide the basic function of being able to ride a bicycle inside.

Most simple exercise bikes just come with the frame, the pedals, and something to create resistance. In the past they would have had a fan that would spin when the person would pedal, and this would cause resistance. Now in modern times they come with a wheel that has magnets in it. When you adjust the resistance the magnets get closer or farther away from the wheel. This causes the pedals to feel soft or heavy.

Sophisticated exercise bikes come with all of the bells and whistles that you can think of. Some of them come with a digital screen that lets you know how many miles you have pedaled and how many calories you have burned. The really really sophisticated exercise bikes come with a screen that plays a built in movie when you move the pedals. This function works with your speed; the faster you pedal the faster the movie will play.

This sophisticated type is at the top of the range.Not only does it play movies, but you can also tilt it when you are riding it, so you feel like you are outside. Exercise Bikes with these features will make you feel like you are somewhere else, but they still do the same basic thing that a simple one will do, and that is allow you a riding experience inside.

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Exercise Bike
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2Sunny Health & Fitness275

#1 – Exerpeutic 250XL Exercise Bike


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Exerpeutic 250XL Exercise Bike Overview

Customers say that the Exerpeutic is the best value exercise bike ever to date. Its foldable design makes it perfect for small living spaces such as condominiums and apartments. It comes with all necessary tools which make it pretty easy to assemble and use.

Consumers liked its sturdy, stable frame and it has a remarkable belt drive that provides you with a silent and smooth way to do your cardio fitness. Customers say that the Exerpeutic is a great exercise bike that has helped them to easily achieve their fitness goals. Its unique design offers ease of use, comfort, and you can get on and off the bike easily.

It has a large LCD display, heart rate monitor, magnetic resistance levels and double drive transmission system. We recommend Exerpeutic as it is a good exercise bike for its price, with all the features, design, good weight capacity, ease and comfortof use.

#2 – Sunny SF-B901 Pro Exercise Bike


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Sunny SF-B901 Pro Exercise Bike Overview

The Sunny Exercise bike is for consumers looking for an effective workout that will suit their budget, is well built, and is easy to assemble. Customers admire its durability and love the fact that the exercise bike does not produce any unwanted noise;making it an excellent exercise bike for the price.

It has adjustable resistance systems, flywheel, chain drive mechanism, and a durable crank that make it superior over other exercise bikes. The best thing about this exercise bike is that it is very quiet, sturdy, easy to assemble and install. We recommend Sunny if you are looking for a budget spin bike which is very solid and sturdy. It will be useful for a long period of time due to its durability and sturdiness.

#3 – Marcy ME708 Exercise Bike


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Marcy ME708 Exercise Bike Overview

One thing that customers liked about the Marcy is the fact that it is not overly huge and fits perfectly. It is definitely affordable. Consumers found it very easy to track their workout progress thanks to its large LCD display which is easy to read. The LCD display tracks your calories burnt, speed, time, and distance.

You can easy adjust its seat height to match different body types and sizes. It is lightweight and has transport wheels for easy mobility. It has good safety features such as counterbalanced pedals with adjustable foot straps and foam padded grips. The Marcy has great workout magnetic resistance which gives you good balance and is quiet smooth in operation. We recommend this exercise bike as it gives you a good overall aerobic workout, is much more affordable than most other home fitness bikes, and has excellent build quality.

Buyer’s Guide

Looking for the best exercise bike can be difficult because there are vast numbers to choose from. We aim to supply you with details and make your purchasing process less difficult by examining a large number of exercise bikes and rating the top three.

Stamina Magnetic 5325 Upright Exercise Bikes Overview

Exercise BikeFitness experts say that the Stamina Magnetic 5325 is the best value bike and one of the lightest available on the market. It comes fully assembled when shipped. The frame of the bike has a one year warranty while the electronic components, mechanical parts and brake system have a 90-day warranty. The handy forward-mounted wheels allow you to easily move the bike into another area when you need additional space.

Aside from its lightweight design, it can also support a maximum weight of up to 300 pounds. It measures 34” x 26” x 56” and weighs only 67 pounds. This is a compact and durable exercise bike that can be placed in the corner of a room when not in use. For a reasonably priced exercise bike, it offers the latest features when it comes to technology.

It has a monitor that you can read easily and it tracks accurate workout statistics such as speed, distance, heart rate, time and calories burned. There are also six pre-programmed routines that will help you to work out more effectively such as hill climb, mountain climb, interval program and fat burn program. The built-in heart rate monitor can be used by placing your palms on the bike’s handlebar,which has contact sensors.

What Customers Liked

  • Lightweight and high-capacity design
  • Easy to move
  • Cost-effective
  • Interactive workouts
  • Heart rate monitor

Stamina Magnetic 1300 Upright Exercise Bikes Overview

The Stamina Magnetic 1300 is for people who are looking for an affordable exercise bike that has all the essential features. It has a control console in the LCD display to easily monitor your workout statistics. You can adjust the bike easily by using the resistance dial to raise or lower the resistance of the pedal for different levels of intensity. The large operational seat can be adjusted to your preferred height. It measures 32.5” x 21” x 51” and weighs only 48 pounds.

Exercise Bike2This exercise bike comes fully assembled when you buy it and the wheels make it easier to move from one place to another. The pedals are built to be oversized for added comfort and the seat is wrapped in vinyl that ensures a steady and pleasant way of burning your calories and increasing your metabolism. The stability of this bike is excellent and it can support a weight of up to 250 pounds.

The Stamina Magnetic 1300 is suitable for small space areas like apartments because you can move and store it easily when not in use. The workout monitor is a nice feature to have on the Stamina Magnetic 1300, considering its low price. It tracks a number of key workout statistics such as time, speed, distance and calorie count. Most of the similar priced exercise bikes that are available on the market have no workout monitors. The magnetic resistance is a remarkable feature that makes this bike a great value for your money. It enables you to use the brake without making use of any contact and it’s excellent when fine tuning the resistance of the pedal.

What Customers Liked

  • High value for money
  • Workout monitor
  • Magnetic resistance system

Schwinn 125 Upright Exercise Bikes Overview

The Schwinn 125 is a great value for your money because it provides many technological features that can be found in more expensive exercise bikes. It has a very good automated workout system that no other bikes in its price range are able to compete with. You can select from the six pre-programmed workout routines that are developed to imitate natural outdoor cycling workouts such as a high intensity mountain peak workout, interval training routine, uphill strength routine and many more.

There are many expensive bikes that offer these types of workout programs but it’s hard to look for a model like this that has the same features and similar price. It measures 32” x 20” x 53” and weighs 80 pounds. The Schwinn 125 has a good warranty period for its price range. The frame of the bike has five years coverage while the electronic components, mechanical parts and brake system have one year coverage.

Hidden in the control console is a 3 speed fan that can be adjusted to make you feel more comfortable during a challenging workout. It’s an excellent choice if you are looking for an exercise bike that has nice features and offers a warranty at a reasonable price.

What Customers Liked

  • Preprogrammed and customizable workout options