All Weather Blinds- The Ultimate Must-Have

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All Weather Blinds- The Ultimate Must-Have

If you’re not familiar with all-weather blinds, then you’ve been missing out on one of the best inventions for your home of all time.

Forget the conventional blinds—These are mainly designed to keep all those harsh weather elements at bay. This means you get to enjoy your comfortable and safe outdoor area all year round.

Outdoor blinds—commonly known as cafe blinds—are some of the most popular home décor options because of their versatility and smooth operation. They’ll make an excellent addition to any outdoor area, and the outdoor blinds Melbourne residents require are available from various vendors.

There’s no reason you shouldn’t enjoy these inventions too! So what do you need to know about these blinds?

Factors to Consider Before Investing in All Weather Blinds


These blinds come in a variety of styles. The design you pick ultimately determines whether they are easy to use or not.

While some designs look incredibly modern and trendy, the last thing you need are blinds which are a nightmare to open or close. Go for a design that offers both style and smooth functionality.


Before you pick a particular design, make sure it’s in line with your decor. This includes everything from the color to style of furniture already present in the space:

  • Is it modern or contemporary?
  • What is your color scheme?
  • Do you like changing the room every now and then?
Answering these questions will help you pick blinds that’ll beautifully blend in with the surroundings to create a stunning finish.

Construction / Build

All weather blinds are made using different fabrics. The most important thing is to go for the construction that guarantees longevity. Blinds made of Acrylic and Canvas will definitely last you longer. Other materials include Rip Block, PVC, and mesh but they aren’t the most durable option.

Of importance to note is that the build determines the blind and cord curtain safety. Opt for the ones with added reinforcements to make them safer and sturdier for instance:

  • Extended flaps
  • Guide rods
  • Guide tracks
This means the fanciest isn’t always the best option. Durable design is as important.


Who Must Own These?


All Weather Blinds- The Ultimate Must-Have

If you’re in the business of hosting and entertaining customers, you’ll know that the setting makes all the difference. Whatever the occasion, the ambiance can make or break the event. This means your priority must be to provide a comfortable and intimate environment for your guests to relax & unwind.

Picking the right all-weather blinds will instantly transform any set up into a beautiful & stylish occasion. Apart from looks, you can use them as marketing tools by printing your logo on them.

The following will find these particularly useful:

  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Cocktail Bars
  • Coffee Houses


In case you thought these all-weather blinds were specifically for the business owners, fortunately, that’s not the case. Any homeowner who has an outdoor area will find these very handy. You can use them in the following areas:

  • Patio deck
  • Veranda
  • Swimming pool area
  • Porch
All Weather Blinds- The Ultimate Must-Have

Benefits of All Weather Blinds

But what exactly will you benefit from these blinds?

  • Weatherproof: These blinds will weatherproof any outdoor space. This means no amount of rain or sun will keep you from relaxing in your favorite outdoor spot.
  • Privacy: Don’t want any prying eyes when you go for your night swim? All weather blinds will instantly provide you with the privacy you require.
  • Intimate spaces: All weather blinds will allow you to convert your outdoor area into an intimate haven for rest, relaxation and conversation. This can be anything from a dining room to a play area.
  • Aesthetics: Who says you can’t have both functionality and style? By installing these, you can instantly transform your space into a modern looking room.
  • Clear view: Unlike installing a wall or fence, these blinds don’t have to obstruct your view. Just pick the right type.
  • Ventilation: Though they create some degree of privacy, they still allow for a well-ventilated.
  • Protection: The blinds will also protect you from any annoying insects, so you can relax.
 All Weather Blinds- The Ultimate Must-Have

Types of All Weather Blinds

Now that you know the benefits they bring, how about we discuss the types. Fortunately, they’re not a one size fits all. Different people have different tastes and preferences, and that’s why they come in a wide range of designs.

The most common (very popular) types include:

  • Rope and Pulley Blinds: This is the most affordable option on the market plus it’s easy to use. You primarily operate them using a “rope and pulley” system which allows you to pull the cords up or down depending on your needs. Outdoor cafe blinds are usually these popular rope and pulley types.
  • Deluxe Blinds: These are operated by using detachable crank handles as well as gear systems. As a result, they’ll neatly roll up into the top roller when not in use. This system makes these very easy to operate.
  • Ziptrak Blinds: These are made using see-through mesh which can be either transparent or tinted.


There you have it: The options are endless, and you’re bound to find blinds that suit your taste and preferences. The most important thing is to purchase something that offers both durability and versatility.

Now go ahead, pick all weather blinds and spice up your outdoor space.