Best Baby Digital Thermometers

Best Baby Digital Thermometers

Babies will not always be as healthy as you want them to be. The cold weather and many different factors can make it so your baby will get sick. However, when are you supposed to bring them to the doctor? Instead of guessing or frequently visiting your pediatrician/doctor if your baby is showing symptoms of being ill, you can purchase a digital thermometer. A digital thermometer can allow you to take your baby’s temperature accurately so you know what steps should be taken to help your baby feel better. As a parent it can be unnerving knowing your baby is ill and there is not much you can do to take that pain away. Knowing your baby’s temperature will help you determine what care needs to be given. These are the best digital thermometers that provide accurate readings every time.

Top Pick
Digital Thermometers
Battery Type
Warranty (Years)
Weight (Ounce)
1Braun2 AA
2American DiagnosticLi ion
3Braun Forehead2 AAA

#1 – Braun Thermoscan Ear Thermometer with ExacTemp Technology

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Braun Thermoscan Ear Thermometer with ExacTemp Technology Overview

The Braun Thermoscan Ear Thermometer with Exac Temp Technology, IRT4520USSM can be purchased in a pack of one or two if you wanted to have one at home and one when you travel. This digital thermometer will allow you to know your baby’s temperature accurately. In order to give you the most accurate reading, this digital thermometer will beep and a light will flash letting you know that it is in a good position to get a reading.

In order to use this digital thermometer, you will need two AA batteries for the twenty one lens filters and cap to work. The Braun Thermoscan Ear Thermometer Exac Temp Technology, IRT4520USSM allows you to have more control by being able to take your baby’s temperature in the ear, under their arm, in their mouth, or in the rectum. By being able to take their temperature in several locations you can accurately get a reading without causing any additional discomfort.

With the press of as single button, you can turn the device on and off. This digital thermometer can save up to eight readings. The Braun Thermoscan Ear Thermometer with Exac Temp Technology, IRT4520USSM has a tip that is soft and flexible with a lens filter that can be removed easily.

#2 – ADC ADTEMP V Fast Read Pen Type Digital Thermometer

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ADC ADTEMP V Fast Read Pen Type Digital Thermometer Overview

The ADC ADTEMP V Fast Read Pen Type Digital Thermometer is an affordable product that will allow you to quickly take your baby’s temperature, accurately and safely. This digital thermometer can measure temperatures in Celsius and Fahrenheit allowing people from all over the world to check their baby’s temperature.

This digital thermometer will remember the last temperature it has taken, allowing you to see how your baby’s temperature has changed and whether or not they are getting better. The ADC ADTEMP V Fast Read Pen Type Digital Thermometer is resistant to water allowing the thermometer to withstand potential accidents and be easily cleaned.

Because babies move and are not as cooperative as we want them to be, this digital thermometer can read their temperature quickly in as little as eight seconds. With an LCD you will be able to read the temperature easily. As your child grows and you are able to take their temperature from their mouth, the reading will take eighteen seconds.

#3 – Braun Forehead Thermometer

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Braun Forehead Thermometer Overview

The Braun Forehead Thermometer is made out of plastic and made within the United States. The screen of the digital thermometer is large providing a screen that is easy to read. The screen will light up in darker areas making it so you can still read the digital thermometer at night. Instead of having to try and take your baby’s temperature under their arm, rectally, or orally, you can take their temperature by placing it on their forehead.

Babies are very active and are not accustomed to you taking their temperature. By being able to take your baby’s temperature from their forehead you will not make your baby uncomfortable. The Braun Forehead Thermometer can take your baby’s temperature within seconds and is extremely easy to use. You will not need a cover for the probe and it is safe to use. Due to its design, the digital thermometer is hygienic. You can use this digital thermometer for infants and adults allowing this thermometer to be the only one you will need in your household.

Buyer’s Guide

When a baby feels warm the first thing a parent wants to do is to take the baby’s temperature. When they are doing so they want the thermometer they are using to be accurate. If it is a degree off it can make a big difference for something that is so little. There are many baby thermometers that are easy to use and will give an accurate reading.

Types of Thermometer

The Ear Thermometer

Baby Digital ThermometerThis thermometer will give a reading by putting the tip in the baby’s ear. The tip is left in until it beeps, which is a couple seconds up to one minute. A person can then read the temperature and tell if the baby has a fever. These thermometers may be off a degree here and there. If a baby has an ear infection is may be hard to use this type of baby thermometer.

Other then that they are quite accurate and reliable. After a person takes the temperature the tip of the thermometer should be gently cleaned with a cotton swab that has been dipped in isopropyl alcohol. This will make sure that the reading is accurate the next time that it is taken.

No Touch Thermometer

This is one of the newest ways to take the temperate of the baby. There is a sensor that is placed near the baby’s head. The delicate sensor is able to pick up on the temperature of the baby and give a reading. A person can then tell if the baby has a temperature or not. This does not have to go in the mouth, ear, or anus of the baby.

Many parents choose this thermometer because they find it to be non invasive and the easiest to use on a baby. They can also be used when the baby is sleeping since they are held close to the forehead. Studies have shown that they are just as accurate as other types of digital thermometers and can be used over again immediately to keep up with the changing temperature of a baby.

Pacifier Thermometer

This type of thermometer resembles a pacifier. Since it is shaped like a pacifier it can go into baby’s mouth without trouble and the parents can get a reading in no time. The thermometer is inside the nipple of the pacifier and there is a digital screen so they can see the temperature. There are some questions about how accurate the readings of this type of thermometer are.

Since they do not have alarms the parents have to watch the time to tell if it has been in the baby’s mouth long enough to get an accurate reading. If they take it out too easy the reading will be off. Pacifiers do tend to slip out of the mouth of the baby as well. If a baby is comforted by a pacifier this may be a wise choice and help soothe them while they are not feeling well.

Why Accuracy is Important

Baby Digital Thermometer2If is essential for the digital thermometer to be accurate. If a baby has a fever it may be a sign that the baby is suffering from an infection. They have to be taken to the doctor right away to make sure there is no serious medical problem. It is important to have a thermometer that the parent feels comfortable using. Some like the thermometers that are similar to the type that they grew up with.

Others prefer the non invasive thermometers to read the temperate. Whatever the method of baby digital thermometer that is being used a parent has to read the directions before use to make sure they are operating it in the correct fashion. This includes setting the timer and getting an accurate reading. Once the temperature is taken the thermometer should be gently cleaned so it will be ready to be used the next time the baby’s temperature has to be taken.

These digital baby thermometers will help a parent tell if the baby has a fever. If the fever is really high they may need to bring the baby to a medical professional right away. These thermometers can be used over and over again to keep checking on the baby and to keep tabs on their temperature.