Best Cake Decorating Kit

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Best Cake Decorating Kit

Cake decorating is a very popular activity that many people do both for enjoyment and for business. If you have a talent and love for this fun art, you will want to have a great set of cake decorating tools. These are items that you don’t want to skimp on but thanks to the vast assortment of cake decorating kits and supplies available, it’s easier than ever to get a great quality set without spending a ton of money.

Cake decorating is one of the food arts where it really isn’t necessary to have formal training to learn to do well. With books, continuing education classes, private lessons and even instructional videos available on the subject, it is easy to learn how to do cake decorating and become extremely proficient at it. These great cake decorating kits will get you started regardless of whether you want to do it just for your family’s cakes or to start your own business.

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Cake Decorating Kit
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#1 – Wilton 53 Piece Supreme Cake Decorating Set

Wilton Supreme Cake Decorating Set

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Wilton 53 Piece Supreme Cake Decorating Set Overview

Probably one of the most well known names when it comes to all things involving cake decorating, Wilton has put together a great cake decorating kit that gives you 53 pieces to work with. This kit includes all the tips, couplers, spatulas and other tools of the trade that you need to create stunning wedding cakes, anniversary cakes and any other occasion cakes as well. Included is a 40 page book of tips and instructions on how to create beautiful designs that will have the people around you surprised and awed. Also included are 24 disposable decorating bases, a storage tray and more. You can’t lose with this great set.

#2 – Ateco 14-Piece Cake Decorating Set


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Ateco 14-Piece Cake Decorating Set Overview

This 14 piece cake decorating set from Ateco gives you everything that you need to make marvelous cakes for weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, and so much more. It can be intimidating when you’re the one doing the baking, but customers were put at ease when using this set, because they felt they had all the tools that were necessary. What’s really great about this set from Ateco is that you can make all different patterns and textures of frosting, and that means the ultimate in variety and fun.

This cake decorating set is affordable, and also provides you with certain tips that make the job easier. When you’re ready to take your cake decorating to a whole new level, then owning this set is definitely a fine idea. You’re going to find that in no time you’re making cakes that look professional, and save you a lot of money in the long run.

#3 – Catalina Cake Tools


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Catalina Cake Tools Overview

If you’re looking for a high quality cake decorating set that you can make incredible fondant flowers with, look no further. Catalina Cake Tools are all you need. This gives you 14 sets and 46 pieces of high quality food grade plastic tools that will give you exactly what you need. You can use these tools to create edible AND non edible creations for the cakes you make – whether you are a professional cake decorator or just doing it as a hobby for family and friends.

Included in the 46 pieces are a rolling pin, flower blossom plunger, stars flower cutters, veined rose leaf plunger, sunflower cutters, butterfly plunger cutters, plum flower cutters, blossom/rose petal (5 petals) cutters, carnation cutters, daisy flower cutters, heart plunger cutters, 1 cake smoother and flower modeling tools.

Cake decorating Kit: Buyers Guide

No matter how good your cake tastes, its appearance is the first statement that it will make. Naturally as human beings our eyes are the first sense that we use to judge something. Due to this fact, whatever pleases the eye will definitely influence our opinion about it. To ensure that your cake scores highly with your customers, family, friends or whoever you are making it for, proper decoration is a must. For proper decoration you will obviously need a cake decoration kit. Without one there is nothing much you can do with the cake to impress.

A decorating kit is basically an assembly of everything that you require to decorate a cake from start to finish. You can still buy all these things individually but they will cost you more money, and so it is more economical to buy them as a decorating kit.

Important features of a decorating kit

Every retailer or bakeware seller has their own decorating kit on sale. Although they may be different in some aspects, with some containing very many items and others just a basic few, there are some common important items that should not be absent from a decorating kit. These items help you out in all the three stages of cake decoration; which are baking, icing and the actual decoration.


Cake Decorating KitMany people might find the baking stage displaced in this guide but it is not,because cake decoration begins at baking. If you don’t bake your cake well then you will not be able to decorate it well. Some of the important baking items that a decorating kit should have include:

  • Baking pan: Although not many decorating kits come with a baking pan, those who understand its importance in decoration will include one or at least recommend the best type to use. A non-stick pan is obviously the best to use to avoid the cake sticking. If it sticks it will get ruined or dented – a dented cake is very difficult to decorate.
  • Baking mixes: Many people always get it wrong in preparing the batter for their cake no matter how good their recipes are. If you get it wrong on the batter then the cake is already ruined. Ready bake mix only requires you to add some milk and eggs and pour it onto the baking pan.


Icing is probably the most difficult stage in cake decoration for most people. If you don’t know how to go about it you will end up with an uneven icing on your cake. Some of the items that a decorating kit should provide to help you out are:

  • Spatula. The spatula is what you will use to spread the icing on the care. Unless you are a very good baker you should not try you use a chef’s knife or a big spoon because you will definitely not like the results.
  • Icing dye. A decorating kit should provide you with a number of icing dye colors to choose from. The dye should come with mixing directions to get the appropriate color.
  • Icing bag. This bag is meant to help you do some decoration on the cake using the icing.
  • Decorating tips. These are attached at the tip of an icing bag and they come in different shapes and sizes to give the cake an impressive look.

Decorating guide

Besides providing you with all the necessary items you will need to decorate your cake, a decorating kit should give you directions on how to go about the actual decoration. Most decorating kits come with a small guide containing step by step instructions on how to do the decoration. The guide should offer you a number of patterns to try on your cake.

Common questions about decorating kits

Cake Decorating Kit2
Q: Why should I buy a decorating kit if I can buy all those items separately?

A: It is true you can buy all those items in a decorating kit individually but it will cost you more money. A decorating kit not only offers you decorating material but it also shows you how to go about it.

Q: Which is the best decoration kit to buy?

A: There is no one single decoration kit that suites all the individual bakers. The decoration kit you buy depends on what you want to use it for and also your budget. For example a commercial baker would require a kit with more decorating tips than a home baker.

Reading decorating kit reviews

Reviews can be a good source of information but for decorating kits, that is not necessarily true. This is because what works for one baker may not necessarily work for another. It is better to rely more on individual preference than on reviews when searching for a cake decorating kit.