Best Electric Range

best electric range

In our beloved kitchens, there exists a number of cooking appliances to manage the many activities that usually take place there. One of the most adored is the range, or electric range. The concept behind its make-up is simple, it’s generally a combination of a stove and oven, but the best part is that it uses electric current to do its cooking; not gas.

As with all other appliances, electric ranges are not all created equal and while some may be endowed with all manner of bells and whistles, others still strive to remain simple and ingeniously easy to use. This is what makes purchasing one a hassle, and picking the most favorable range from the myriad of options available can get quite overwhelming, especially if you’ve not gotten your facts right.

Different models exist in different prices and if money is a limiting factor, as in most cases, then you should probably have your budget figured out before heading out and shopping. The different pricing is mainly due to the various features there are on offer, so having knowledge of what exactly you need from the range will go a long way in clearing any confusion.

As already mentioned, electric ranges may have features as vast as the ocean; some use halogen heat whilst others use radiant energy, some manufacturers build smooth topped ones and others coiled, and above all, they all come with different cleaning options ranging from standard cleaning, continuous and even automatic cleaning models. It is without saying that to find the best device, you need to do your research, then and only then will you make a decision that won’t come back and bite you. We will review various electric ranges here to help you in the decision making process.

Top Pick
Electric Range
Warranty (Years)
Dimensions (Inches)
128.50 x 29.90 x 47.10
128.20 x 29.90 x 49.00
0.30 x 49.60 x 30.80

#1 – Whirlpool GGE388LXS Electric Range


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Whirlpool GGE388LXS Electric Range Overview

Customers liked the Whirlpool electric range as it is very flexible to accommodate your cooking style. The electric range provides enough heat needed for rapid boiling and provides uniform cooking using lower temperatures for your most delicate dishes, like simmering sauces. You will be impressed by its speedy boiling, fantastic preheat time and searing temperatures.

Its stainless steel body is very attractive and its matte finish grates cover the whole cooking surface, giving you the flexibility to place pans and pots anywhere on the electric range. It is a pleasure to cook on and really easy to clean the grates that are dishwasher safe. Customers liked its light indicators that alerted that the electric range is still hot – a very good safety feature. We recommend this electric range as its high temperature and boiling performance are pretty darn impressive.

#2 – Frigidaire Gallery Series 30″ Electric Range


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Frigidaire Gallery Series 30″ Electric Range Overview

The Frigidaire cooking range is for consumers looking for a super sleek package including both range top cooking and conventional oven. Customers liked its super smooth touch controls which wake up with a touch of your finger tips, and go to sleep when not in use.

You will find it very easy to use, to cook and bake your favorite meals. You will fall in love with its perfect cook settings, which automatically compute the temperature and timings for your dish. Its broiler can produce fantastic steaks worthy for an outdoor grill. We recommend this amazing electric range due to its solid performance, astounding temperature range, and lightning fast boil speeds. It is a superb value for the money and a must for every food lover.

#3 – GE JB705STSS Electric Range


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GE JB705STSS Electric Range Overview

The GE electric range is very popular and gorgeous in design, which will definitely increase the beauty of your kitchen. Customers found its controls to be very easy to use and the dual ovens with convenient sliding rack made food much more delicious. It has a top tier performance which justifies its pricing.

It produces consistent oven temperatures and can boil water very quickly. You have plenty of space to cook, bake and roast more than one dish at the same time and can easily prepare versatile meals for parties and social gatherings. Consumers were overwhelmed by the number of things you can cook, and if you are looking for electricity as your fuel, this electric range is the best choice.

Electric Range Buying Guide

An electric range is a household appliance that is basically used for cooking and baking your meals and snacks. It can help you bake cookies, muffins, cupcakes and pies or even cook a full course meal. You cook all of these goodies without breaking a sweat.

Facts to Be Considered Before Buying an Electric Range

Electric RangeWhen choosing one, there are a few things you must consider. First check the space available in your home. You must also consider how big your family is. This device comes in all shapes and sizes. Some are big and free standing while some are smaller and placed on tabletops. The free standing ones are perfect for big families, and they are great for cooking a large amount of food. They are also perfect when using wider pans.

The free standing kinds also have ovens for baking the kids’ favorite snacks. For the ones who have just started a family or for those with small families with tinier spaces, the tabletop versions are the perfect option, since they consume only a little space and can be stored anytime you want.

How does this device work? As you turn the control switch on the device, the electricity flows to the coil and heats up the metal. You will know when the electricity is flowing to the metal coils at the top of the stove when they turn to a bright orange or red. The higher you adjust the controls, the more electricity goes to the metal coils, thus getting hotter and hotter. It may take a while for the coils to cool down.

It is a great option when you are concerned about the safety of your home or even your kids. It does not emit any gas that might be hazardous to one’s health. It also does not have an open flame that can be pretty dangerous when exposed to other common flammable materials in your home. Easy to install,all you have to do is plug it in and start using it, unlike the gas range that requires careful connection to a gas source. It is very easy to clean up too. This makes it very low maintenance and extremely easy to use.

Types of Electric Ranges

Electric Range2

Coil and Glass Tops

There are many varieties of electric ranges. There is the common one which is designed with a metal coil to heat up your food. There are also the flat top ones made from ceramic glass. The metal coil burners are the more durable ones and are very low maintenance. You can use any cookware for this type. The coil burners can heat up very fast, too. The glass top range is the one that requires more maintenance but looks very good in your kitchen.

The smooth finish makes it look chic and elegant but this requires you to be extra careful when you are cleaning up. The glass top is prone to scratches and is less durable compared to the metal coils. Though it heats up slower, the glass top burner’s heat is more concentrated which makes cooking more efficient. Not all cookwares are compatible with the glass top too thus, one must be very careful in choosing the right ones. When not in use, these pretty glass surfaces can also become an extension or your countertops.

Induction Tops

There are other options for this device that are fresh on the market. These are the ones with induction cook tops. The induction cook top heats the pan without heating the surface of the range. This is made possible by using electromagnetic energy. The induction is the safest choice for families since the surface does not heat up at all, thus lowers the risk of burning your skin. It is also very energy efficient since the range does not need to heat up the air around the cooking pans, since the heat is very concentrated. It cooks your food pretty quickly too.

It also has features to make cooking easy for everyone. Pre-heat beeps are programmed to let you know when the range starts heating. Auto shut off features are also there to help you minimize excess energy consumption and avoid over cooking your food. This is also a feature to avoid over heating that can cause fire if not turned off in time. Oven lights and an oven window are designed so that users can check if their food is already cooked without opening the oven and wasting heat. Most of them also have clocks and timers since time is a vital element to consider when cooking or baking.

The clock lets you know what time you started and ended cooking while the timer lets you set an exact amount of time for your food to cook. It also has a control lock for safety reasons. The purpose of the control lock is to prevent you from getting burned. When your food is cooking, you cannot open the range. This is to avoid wasting heat and most especially, to avoid getting the user hurt. There are also features like temperature probes that can be inserted to the food. It will set off an alarm when the food reaches the desired temperature.

There are also self cleaning ovens for the busy bees that do not have enough time to spare for cleaning. There are still a lot more cooking features and options on this device. It is up to you to choose which one suits your specific and individual cooking needs the best.


The kitchen is the heart of the home, so they say. This is where families can bond together and prepare delicious food to eat together. Thus, the perfect electric range is a must have. These devices not only make the cooking or baking process easier but also helps in preparing the delicious and hearty food your family loves. Buying it may be the best investment you can get for your family.