Best Laptops Under 600

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Best Laptops under 600

A laptop is almost an absolute essential item in today’s world of mobile connectivity. We use computers and mobile devices to facilitate almost everything from getting our work done to making payments and even to do our shopping. The best laptops under $600 can offer users an excellent mobile solution that can keep them constantly connected and still provide the performance and power of a full size computer. There are many choices when it comes to laptops, but paying close attention to a few key details will ensure you get a model that fits your exact needs.

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#1 – Dell Signature Edition

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Dell Signature Edition Overview

This 15-inch Dell Inspiron Signature Series laptop is a great selection for users who need powerful performance without spending a lot of money. It comes with Windows 10 pre-installed and features a full HD touchscreen offering excellent graphics and functionality. The included optical drive DVD expands your choices for entertainment and in the way you install new software or programs with read and write capabilities as well.

A big concern for many purchasing a laptop is storage space but that is certainly is not the case with this model. It is equipped with a 1TB hard drive that will give you plenty of room for all your important files for work, storage for your music or videos and ample space for all your best photos. Of course, the best laptops under $600 must also provide more than convenience alone, they must be fast and responsive. This Dell Inspiron offers a dynamic Intel I-5 processor with Turbo Boost technology and 8GB of RAM. With these specifications you won’t have anything holding you back from achieving blazing speeds on the internet and using multiple windows at one time.

Buyer’s Guide

Laptops 1Not all laptops are created equal no matter what the price range and that is certainly true for the even the best laptops under $600. With the wide array of configurations available laptops can sometimes offer some of what you need most while severely lacking in important areas. Purchasing a laptop with the wrong specifications can lead to many hours of frustration due to slow surfing speeds, unresponsiveness to commands and difficulty working with multiple files at one time. If you are a moderate to heavy user and need a great laptop for a range of activities and functions, then there are important features to look for in whatever new model you are considering.

The processor is one of the lost important components of a laptops performance because it determines how responsive and how quickly a laptop can process commands and carry out multiple tasks. If you are an extremely light user only checking email once every few days then a low grade processor may be fine because you are not demanding much from your system.

However, if you surf the internet, work with multiple files, download files and utilize many others capabilities of a computer then you need a mid-grade to high end processor. For laptops that come equipped with Intel processors, they will have an I-3, I-5 or I-7 processor, with the I-3 being offering the lowest tier of performance. For mid-range to heavy users the I-3 should not even be consideration and you should stick with either the I-5 or I-7. Both of these processors can offer more than acceptable performance depending on the other specifications of the laptop.


Getting great performance from your laptop means you need to have a combination of the right components as a single component will not make up for one that is severely lacking. This is why it is also important to ensure you have a large hard drive and enough RAM to support all of the functions you typically need. As a hard drives storage gets closer to capacity the slower it will respond, which affects the overall performance of the laptop. There are both advantages and disadvantages to choosing a solid state drive or traditional HDD but whichever one you select it’s important to have at least a 500GB to 1TB drive. This will give you plenty of space to store files for both work and personal without quickly filling up the available storage space and slowing down your PC.

Laptops 2Your available RAM will directly affect how quickly your laptop responds to commands and is able to successfully complete them. Therefore, it is best to stay away from laptops that only include a minimal amount of RAM from the factory. Many times, if a laptop only comes with 2GB or 4GB of RAM then it will have other specifications that do not lend themselves to high performance. While you can sometimes upgrade and add to the RAM of a laptop you can run into compatibility issues and other problems. Generally, if you stick with a unit that offers 8GB of RAM or greater then you are sure to get a laptop that is ready to offer to great performance right out of the box.


Finally, you need to ensure you can connect all of your important devices that offer additional functionality. These can come in many forms such as your mobile phone, an external monitor, a router, portable storage devices and many other types of equipment. At least one HDMI port for an external monitor is essential, as is several USB ports. Typically, it’s best to have a minimum of three or four USB ports and to have at least one of those ports capable of 3.0 high speed connectivity.

Purchasing the best laptop under $600 can sometimes be a bit confusing for someone that is not a computer specialist. However, by paying attention to some of the core components included in the model you are considering you can be sure to get a unit that will perform as needed.