Best Razors for Women

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Best Razors for Women

Choosing a quality razor is important for keeping your skin healthy and free from razor burn, cuts or bumps. Removing unwanted hair from your legs, face and other areas of your body is part of looking your best and can help you feel great too. Many women may choose cheaper razors in order to try and save a few dollars while thinking there is not much difference in razor models. However, you will find by trying different razors and reading various reviews there can be a big difference. Carefully selecting the razors you use can save you from damaging your skin and suffering needless pain.

Top Pick

#1 – Gillette Venus 5 Blade Disposable-2 Pack

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Gillette Venus 5 Blade Disposable-2 Pack Overview

The Gillette Venus Embrace is a high-quality razor offered by a manufacturer with a stellar reputation in the razor world, Gillette. They have been producing and offering various razors in the marketplace for decades and spend quite a bit of money on high-quality razor research. The Venus by Gillette offers a clean and comfortable shave without damaging your skin as well as other important features. The blades are designed for maximum efficiency and made for easily removing unwanted hair from your legs and other areas while not removing the moisture from your skin.

While most of the other razors available range from single blade to triple blade designs, the Venus offers an amazing five blades for smooth shaving action that cannot be beaten. It also comes with moisture bars that have been strategically placed for maximum effectiveness. The handle of the razor has an ergonomic design that makes it easy to hold and maneuver the razor in various positions required for a close and smooth shave. The Venus is designed especially for the needs of women and made to be gentle while still providing a very close shave.

Buyer’s Guide

While removing unwanted hair from your legs, face, underarms and other areas seems like it should be simple, many times it isn’t. Everyone’s skin is a little different, some more sensitive than others. However, shaving away unwanted hair with a razor does damage your skin to a greater or lesser degree depending on the sensitivity of your skin and the quality of razor used. While the blades move across your skin they can irritate the pores of your skin and remove the moisture that keeps your skin feeling smooth and healthy.

Razors for Women1The secret to successfully shaving your legs and other areas without creating painful razor burn, bumps and seriously damaging your skin is really no secret at all, but it is important to know a few things.

Number of Blades and Blade Quality

The number of blades a razor has can make the shaving process easier. If your chosen razor has multiple blades it typically means you have to apply less pressure in order to achieve a smooth and clean shave. This is why many times you see the advertisements from razor manufacturers boast about having triple blades or even up to five blades on their razor. It is not just an advertising gimmick or a way to get you to pay more for their razor; it actually does make a difference.

A double blade razor is certainly much better than a single blade, but for the best results, it is recommended to use a razor that has three or more blades. As the first blade passes over the area you are shaving it removes the largest segment of hair, while the blades behind easily clean up the remaining hair, a little at a time with each blade that passes over the area. The important part of a multi-blade razor is you only need one or two passes over an area to achieve a clean shave and completely remove any unwanted hair.

You may be able to achieve similar results with a single blade razor but it typically takes multiple passes with the razor and each pass removes vital moisture and nutrients from the surface of your skin. Additionally, increasing the number of times a razor passes over the skin and the pressure applied creates more irritation. This is what causes razor burn, bumps and damaged skin from shaving.

Blade quality is just as important but more difficult to detect as initially there is no easy way to tell if a blade is of high or low quality until you try shaving with it, and basically by the price. The easiest way to choose a high-quality blade is to stick with the known manufacturers that have a good reputation for providing a quality razor. Trying to save a few dollars and going with a cheaper razor with lower quality blades will often leave you in pain as you try to scrape away the hair with a less than ideal razor.

Razor Design

Razors for Women2It is also important to pay attention to the design of the razor and particularly the handle. You want to choose a razor that fits nicely in the palm of your hand but that you can also use with just a few fingers when you need to shave those hard to reach areas. A razor that is well-balanced with an ergonomic handle is usually best but there is certainly no single “best” razor for everyone, as different types of skin and personal preferences will determine what works best for you.

Perhaps the most important thing to remember is to ensure your skin is properly moisturized before and after shaving. Keeping your skin moisturized will help repair any minor damage that comes from shaving and keep the skin healthy and resilient against problems from shaving. While shaving without damaging your skin is not always easy, it goes a long way if you choose a high-quality razor with multiple blades to help you keep your skin smooth, soft and free from unwanted hair. For one of the best razors for women available on the market, give the Gillette Venus Embrace a try and experience the difference a quality razor can make.