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Wiper Blades Review

After testing several windshield wipers from different manufacturers, the Bosch 26A ICON made the top stop for being the slickest and consistent blade. However, all our top selected blades are designed to cope with the cold winter months and last longer. They come in various sizes to fit your vehicle perfectly with simple installation.

Most of us often forget that wipers are a safety feature unless we end up driving in heavy snowfall and rain or blinded by glower through the dull glass. An unclean or covered windshield is no less than a threat and the drivers may not realize their significance until there is an instant visibility distress. By then, it might be late and result in many accidents only as a result of poor sightedness. Beyond visibility, it is crucial to replace a blade after a specific duration as a wavering windshield blade can rub against the glass thus ensuing in scratching and tarnishing the windshield.

Here we have researched the most prevalent windshield wipers currently available on the market. We have narrowed down our research to the top five blades based on worth, excellence, and sturdiness. These reviews will provide you all info you need to get a right blade that will give you a safe driving experience under every weather condition. You will be ready to experience spring thunderstorms or winter snow.

Top PickPhotoWiper BladesSize (Inches)TypeMaterial
26BeamDual Rubber
2ANCO24ConventionalNatural Rubber
4Aero18BeamNatural Rubber
26BeamSynthetic Rubber

Best Overall Wiper Blades

#1 – Bosch

Bosch 26A ICON

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Bosch Overview

The Bosch 26A ICON is our top pick as it’s a highly effective and long lasting windshield wiper compared to many high-end blades on the market. Featuring high-end FX dual rubber, it lasts approximately 50% longer compared to other premium blades. It offers exceptional performance in the coldest weathers and does not crack up in the summer’s boiling temperature.

The beam design is built to offer maximum visibility in the extreme weather conditions. The contoured built distributes equal pressure on the windshield instead of focusing on specific points. This feature results in clean and consistent performance. Furthermore, the blades are easy to install with included adapters that help them to perfectly fit in most models. You will hear minimum or no noise from the blade while driving even if the speed is very high.

The Bosch 26A ICON comes with the integrated spoiler to enhance the pressure on the window and eliminates lift off when the speed is high. Overall, it’s an all in one season blade that can withstand heavy snow or high levels of heat. They are meant to compliment your vehicle and clean the windshield a lot better than before.

Runner Up

#2 – ANCO

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ANCO Overview

The ANCO Windshield Wiper Blade is an economical solution for tremendous quality and all weather windshield wiper. The blades are constructed with DuraKlear rubber which offers clean and clear performance in harsh weather conditions. It’s a universal blade with included adapters to be used on every possible vehicle.

The ANCO Windshield Wiper Blade is available in 16 sizes ranging from 10-28 inches which allow you to find the appropriate size for both driver and traveler side. The design has a bridge which is flexible enough to provide a tight fit onto the windshield. Additionally, the KwikConnect kit comes in the package for installation thus making the process extremely simple to install. Also, you will hear a click voice when the blade is connected correctly.

The aerodynamic design works effectively even at the highest speeds. It will crystal clear your windshield without leaving any splashes. In winters, it can be a great vehicle equipment to be used as an ice scraper and clear the windshield prior to using your wiper blades. Using wiper blades to clear the window may crack the blades. Customers all around the world appreciate the ANCO Windshield Wiper Blade which gets the job done in the best functioning way.

Best Wiper Blades for Winter

#3 – Trico

Trico Force Wiper Blades

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Trico Overview

The Trico Force Wiper Blades works in a perfect way to convert wind force for maximum windshield contact. The windshield wiper steadily moves around the window to clear moisture and keeps it clean in all weather conditions. The highly durable structure holds up in all kinds of weather.

The model comes in a number of sizes which allows you pick up the front driver’s side blades, passenger side, and hindmost blades. This windshield wiper will provide you maximum visibility all time. As far as the construction is concerned, the Trico Force Wiper Blades are treated with high glide rubber element which lets it move around the window quietly. For people, who are disturbed by sounds, this can be an excellent pick to give you a pleasurable driving experience.

The Trico Force Wiper Blades is a popular choice among customers for reliable built. The moment you spend on this product will be worth it in your end. At the end of the day, you will receive a quality product at minimum cost.

#4 – Aero

Aero Premium Wiper Blades

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Aero Overview

We selected Aero Premium Wiper Blades in our top picks for their unique composition. They are made from blended rubber which offers a smooth, clean and chatter-free performance. The windshield wipers are designed to work efficiently in all seasons.

The aerodynamic design of the OEM QUALITY 18″ + 18″ allows steady movement all the year long with minimum noise. It’s a great product to help with drag and wind lift. You will find these wipers working in an effortless way. These Aero Premium Wiper Blades are available in multiple sizes. You can purchase them in pairs which are the most appropriate size for your vehicle. The size ranges from 13-28 inches so probably your vehicle will likely to work with any of the sizes.

These windshield wipers make for a popular option as they are reasonably priced and yet they provide your car with the maximum amenities. They perform their job smartly and smoothly and prevents snow or ice build-up. As soon as you purchase this wiper set, you will be free to drive in any weather condition without worrying about the harshness of climate.

Best Rain-X Wiper Blades

#5 – Rain-X

Rain-X Latitude Wiper Blade

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Rain-X Overview

Rain-X Latitude Wiper Blade has an ergonomic design and high-quality build. The wiper functions steadily and effectively grip the surface of the windshield to provide a streak free operation. It removes metal exposure to prevent snow and ice buildup. Talking about construction, it is made of graphite-coated rubber that is specifically designed for long-lasting use.

The rubber is durable and flexible to have a perfect grip on the glass surface without any cling. Despite weather condition, it will keep your window clear in rain, snow or any other extreme weathers. The Rain-X Latitude Wiper Blade comes with a J hook and a side pin adapter to attach to most vehicles which make it a universal blade.

Another exclusive feature of the windshield blade is that it is reversible in nature. You can quickly remove it, turn it around and reuse it on the similar side of the vehicle. These wiper blades are more reliable than the traditional ones. They are less expensive and superior in construction and contoured shape. Finally, featuring built in a spoiler, they efficiently reduce noise and wind lift. As a whole, a highly effective windshield wiper that can withstand severe weathers.

Windshield Wipers Buying Guide

What is a Windshield Wiper?

Windshield wiper blades are a safety tool on your vehicle that keeps the windshield clean and clear. However, they should be maintained in order to keep them functional. Cracked and worn out blades will not be able to provide a clean windshield especially when it’s raining or snowing. Though the basic design of all windshield wipers seems to be simple yet their capabilities can make a difference and prevent accidents.

How to Choose


Safety is one of the most crucial things on which you can’t compromise on. Though having a usual wiper will fulfill the job but for harsh times of the year, you will be requiring best windshield wipers. The white snow and blurring moisture is no less than an invitation to accidents. Therefore having best windshield wipers will ensure the driver’s visual clarity as a foremost priority.

Rain Windshield Wiper Blades


Every windshield of a vehicle calls for particular windshield wipers. Though you may use inappropriate ones, it will eventually compromise the overall performance. Typical straight wipers that you might be planning to use them for more decades cannot go along with the latest auto designs. Using a windshield wiper which is not designed for your vehicle will sooner or later affect vision, effectiveness, and functionality. However, you will find some windshield wipers from the renowned companies that can be used on almost any vehicle.


At times, windshield wipers have to endure the worse weather condition, especially in winters when snow and ice buildup on the windshield of the car and melts in the increasing heat. This consistent contact with water and moisture can affect the wiper’s quality whereas the dust and wreckages can scrape the rubber’s lining. Therefore, it is advised to replace the wiper after a certain duration of use. Though, if you are using the best windshield wiper, the wear out duration will prolong as per your requirement.

Pressure Points

Every blade work by applying some pressure across the windshield. If you have the latest vehicle, the windshield might be a little curved. Windshield wipers that are contoured or have a curved frame can offer you maximum coverage by applying even pressure across the window. They provide full coverage without ripping off any object.

Winter Snow Wiper Blades


Most windshield wipers come with adapters that are used in the installation process. Some of the most common attachments include the J hook which is available in both large and small size, pins, top lock and side locks.


As wiper blades are generally required to be replaced at regular intervals before they become worn so it’s significant to check the warranty on the model you purchase. Though most high-end blades offer properties that enable them to last longer. But at the end of the day, all blades need to be replaced after a specific duration.

Know the Wiper Material

Before purchasing a windshield wiper, make sure about the construction. Some of the commonly used materials are:

Traditional Blades

Traditional blades come with rubber construct and are comparatively inexpensive. The flexible rubber can quickly attach to the steel housing and is durable enough to keep the windshield of the car clean and clear. Though, it might become ineffective or dry after a particular season of weather and requires replacement. Wiper made from traditional rubbers are advised to be changed after every 6 months of use.

Driving with Wiper Blades

Silicone Blades

Silicone blades make for a modish material nowadays on the market and are more resistible to harsh weathers. The overall design and flexibility are same as the rubber blades. However, they are comparatively less prone to cracking. Silicone blades tend to last long unless they are consistently used in the extreme temperatures. One of the benefits of silicone blades is that they leave some oil touches on the windshield. These blades are commonly used in high-end vehicles and sports cars.

Coated Blades

These are high-end blades that come with enhanced rubber properties to maximize performance and prolong the life of the blade. Nowadays, the most popular kinds of coated blades are Graphite and Teflon. They have a dual protective coating and won’t wear out quickly regardless of the weather conditions.


We tested some of the best windshield wipers but keep in mind that we have covered only 5 among them. You will find dozens of windshield wipers on the market and as a consumer, it’s up to your choice. However, making mistakes is pretty common when you are purchasing a product that most of the people don’t have appropriate information about. This buying guide will help you pick the best out of all. We hope that you have a pleasurable time in reading our guide to come up with a right decision.