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We spent 43 hours reviewing dozens of diamond jewelry buyers based on their process, turn around time, BBB Rating, customer service and proposal. We found that Diamond Buyers International offers the best price, fastest turn around time and maintains outstanding customer satisfaction ratings. WP Diamonds came in a close second.

1st Place – Diamond Buyers International


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Diamond Buyers International Review

Diamond Buyers International also known as Express Gold Cash Inc. has been in business since 1998 and maintains a BBB accreditation. Diamond Buyers International has a very simple process to get the most value for your diamond jewelry: print your diamond pack, ship your diamonds and get paid. The entire process is 100% guaranteed and insured up to $5,000. They provide you with an appraisal of what you diamond is worth and if you decide not to accept their offer, they return ship your diamond and it’s fully insured. If you have any questions you can call them and on of their expert buyers will answer any questions you have.

  • BBB Accreditation
  • Online diamond shipment form
  • Best Value Appraisal
  • 100% Insured

2nd Place – WP Diamonds


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WP Diamonds Review

WP Diamonds also known as White Pine Trading, LLC maintains an accreditation with the Better Business Bureau and an A+ rating, which is excellent. WPDiamonds.com has traded over 75 million dollars worth of diamonds and they buy all sizes, shapes and varying levels of clarity. Their process is simple, secure and starts with a free evaluation.

  • A+ BBB Rating
  • BBB Accreditation
  • Free Evaluation Process
  • Also Buys Luxury Watches
  • 100% Fully Insured

3rd Place – The Diamond Valet


The Diamond Valet Review

The Diamond Valet maintains an excellent rating with the Better Business Bureau and has one of the simplest and trusted processes for consumers to sell their diamonds for the best price possible. They work with multiple networks of diamond buyers so you’ll get the best price for your diamond jewelry. Their diamond evaluation process is extremely convenient and their staff is extremely friendly and helpful throughout the entire process.

  • BBB Accreditation
  • Convenient Evaluation Process
  • Sight Unseen Offer
  • 100% Fully Insured

Buyer’s Guide

Selling diamonds online has become more popular as of late as most consumers can command a much higher price from a certified diamond buyer than they can at a local jewelry store. The process is quite simple actually. The diamond buyer will give you a best estimate or sight unseen offer for your diamond. You need to be as accurate as possible and a GIA appraisal helps make this offer much more accurate. The next step is you send your diamond to the diamond buyer and the shipment is insured for the full value of the diamond/jewelry. The diamond is then evaluated and a final offer is provided to you. If you want to sell it for that price they will cut you a check, otherwise they send you the diamond back and it is fully insured.

How to Sell an Engagement Ring?

Whether you are looking to sell an engagement ring or your diamond jewelry, the process is quite simple and can be summed up in these four easy steps.

1. Read reviews of diamond buyers. Not all companies are equal when it comes to customer service and trust, especially when you are dealing with large ticket or expensive items. This is why BestReviewsHub.com has rated the top cash for diamonds online retailers and ranked them on our website. We only recommend companies that exchange diamonds for cash and who have a good customer service history and businesses who are accredited with the Better Business Bureau.

2. Start the free evaluation process. This is typically performed by completing the evaluation form on the diamond buyer’s website. A representative will call you within a few minutes and go over the evaluation process. Diamond buyers can usually provide a ball park figure as to what you can expect to receive for your diamond jewelry. If you have a GIA, EGL or IGI paperwork the estimated price will be more accurate. The diamond buyer will send you a package and insure the return shipment of your diamond jewelry. Please be aware that no price can be final until the diamond buyer inspects the jewelry. wher-to-sell-a-diamond

3. The evaluation of the diamond is determined. The diamond jewelry arrives at the diamond buyers facility and it goes through an evaluation process to determine the final value of the jewelry. Trained experts grade the diamond according to GIA standards and check the diamond’s overall condition, weight, color and clarity. The final price reflects the overall quality of the diamond, the demand for the diamond and the current market price.

4. A formal offer is made. Accepting the offer is the final step in the process. Usually a diamond buyer’s quote is good for 7 to 10 days. If you decide to accept the offer, payment is typically made within 1 business day and sent to you in a form of a check, cashier’s check, PayPal or Western Union. If you decide to reject the offer the diamond jewelry will be returned to you and insured for the full value.

Selling Diamonds for Cash – What’s the Value

There are a lot of factors that a diamond buyer takes into consideration when valuing a diamond. Besides the quality of the diamond, which we will cover in the next paragraph current market trading price and demand for your particualr diamond both have an affect on how much your diamond is worth. You can relate this process to valuing your car. The car might be in great shape and Kelly Blue Book will say that you can get up to $10,000 for your car in excellent condition, however if the current auto auction is only commanding an $8,000 price then car is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. Diamonds are no different.

Valuing a Diamond – Shape
The shape of a diamond can raise it’s price. Most diamonds, 75% or more, are round brilliant cut diamonds that have a total of 58 facets. Round diamonds are often set in solataire due to their brilliant look. Princess cut diamonds are the second most popular and are square in shape. Princess cut diamonds are not as brilliant as the round cut because some of the light will go out of the sides of the diamond. Below are all of the shapes of a diamond.

Valuing a Diamond – Size/Weight
How large the diamond is has the biggest impact on price. This is measured in carats. 1 carat is equal to 200 milligrams. Diamond engagement rings are typically range from .5 carats to 3 carats in size.

Valuing a Diamond – Color
The color of the diamond can vary from colorless to Fancy Yellow with Colorless being ideal. This is rated on a scale of D to Z. D being the best and having no color. Diamond jewelry buyers will definitely

Valuing a Diamond – Clarity
Clarity is measured from flawless to imperfect and there are several designations to label a diamond with slight inclusions to very slight inclusions. A diamond is examined under a 10x microscope to see the inclusions or imperfections. Diamond ring buyers have a trained to see the imperfections. Have a look at the list below for more detail.

  • Flawless – Internally Flawless
  • VVS1 – Very Very Slight Inclusion
  • VVS2 – Two Very Very Slight Inclusions
  • VS1 – Very Slight Inclusion
  • VS2 – Two Very Slight Inclusions
  • SI1 – Slight Inclusion
  • SI2 – Two Slight Inclusions
  • I1 – One Inclusion
  • I2 – Two Inclusions
  • I3 – Three Inclusions

Know About Your Diamond Jewelry

Acquiring a diamond jeweler is as similar as buying any other precious gemstone. You will discover one that will certainly have your right shape or size if you happened to purchase one. This might not be practically possible. Considerably more thinking and many other factors will need to be considered when you need to purchase diamond jewelry.

After all – diamonds are forever, and you will need your diamond jewelry retailer to be finalized forever too. You will find out the four C’s when it comes to purchasing diamond jewelry:

  • Carat Weight
  • Color
  • Cut
  • Clarity

Where to Sell My Engagement Ring

Remember if you are going to sell your engagement ring or diamond jewelry a little background knowledge will go a long way to setting your expectations on what your diamond is worth. The process for the diamond buyers and how they go about purchasing engagement rings is outlined on their website. Getting cash for gold and diamonds is very easy there is just a few steps and your there.

selling-diamonds-onlineRemember that you not overlook these four essential criteria when you are purchasing or selling diamond jewelry. The cut of the diamond gemstone doesn’t refer to the shape of your diamond. It refers to the way it has been cut – the GIA standard in the cut. The shine and radiance of your diamond jewelry is dependent upon how it has been cut. The shape of diamond gemstone has been the next deciding factor due to the high quality associated with the diamond cut.

When you sell diamonds for cash the clarity of diamond jewelry will not refer to exactly how transparent it is. But alternatively, it will let you know how perfect or elegant your diamond jewelry is. You can find out internal and external defects in your diamond jewelry.

A diamond which is flawless is very exquisite and expensive. You’ll get the most money for flawless or close to it when your selling diamonds for cash. Diamonds are available in many colors. The most commonly found diamond gemstones appear to be white-colored or yellow. There are other shades available in the market, but occasionally they might be exceptional and expensive. The only real shade a consumer should not think about is ‘glowing blue white’ diamond gemstone. A diamond jewelry salesman may perhaps try to explain it to you how this particular type of diamond gemstone is very rare and is exceptionally high quality grading, however in reality it is a substandard diamond gemstone, and might not really be that worth as quoted by the diamond jeweler sales man.

The carat weight of a diamond gemstone is another important factor to be considered by the customers. Big expensive diamonds should include a GIA certificate of authenticity. You must always ask for this GIA certificate from your diamond dealer from where you’re buying the diamond jewelry. When your selling diamonds for cash you want to include this as well. If your diamond dealer refuses to provide you with a certificate from the reputable grading institute such as GIA, you may just walk out of the showroom.

Diamonds are by far the most precious gemstones in the world. Not only are diamonds the most beautiful gemstones, but they are also long lasting as compared to other available gemstones around the world. Hence, they always say, “A diamond is a women’s best friend.”

You can visit some of the links provided on our website and obtain more details on diamond jewelers popular for quality jewels and usually have the cheapest market price with the most beneficial insurance plan.

Protecting Your Diamond Jewelry or Engagement Ring

We have noticed it over and over again. Customers come to have estimates or may have their evaluation done for their dropped, stolen, or broken diamond jewelry. They inquire if the evaluation can be carried out without viewing the diamond jewelry or whether it can be done based on their own recall of exactly what it used to seem like. Unluckily insurance firms are not going to accept this type of assessment or appraisal, and most certainly not afterwards.

We will clarify what direction you need to go so that you can correctly evaluate and protect your diamond jewelry. It is important that you protect your jewelry because one day you might end up selling diamond rings for cash or to a family member. Credit evaluations agencies expect that your diamond jewelry insurance policy must have standard and creditable rating done by a reliable diamond jeweler. Jewelers that have studied or happen to be trained by the American Gemological Institute (GIA) will provide the most appropriate ratings. Getting evaluated by GIA guarantees a conventional certifying investigation and an appropriate rating of your diamond jewelry.protecting-diamond-jewelry

Most insurance providers do not require that you have your diamond jewelry evaluated by GIA certified jewelers. On the other hand; it’s always better to have one performed by a diamond jeweler using GIA certification. If you are selling an engagement ring include a copy of your GIA certificate. Your assessment ought to include the details with regard to the precious gemstones which include its weight, karat purity, and color.

In the event the diamonds are pre-authorized by a certifying gem stone laboratory then you should offer a copy of the authentication of the insurance firms and question them to list these details on the valuation. If at all possible have the evaluator photograph the diamond jewelry and send this particular picture to the evaluator to determine when submitting to the insurance company. Continue to keep a duplicate photograph in a safe and sound safety deposit box or in a fireproof vault.

Engagement Ring and Diamond Insurance Policy

Diamond jewelry ratings really should be reassessed every 7-10 years to ascertain its ranking. Diamond jewelry is a commodity and as with any products they may be subject to market conditions. In recent times the price connected with diamond jewelry have actually two-fold in monetary terms on account of shortages in the world market for popularity in designs and sizes.

insurance-policyThe biggest mistake consumers make is accepting that their homeowners insurance will handle their diamond jewelry in the eventuality of a loss or theft. This could be wrong. The standard homeowners insurance exclusively permits $1500 to $5000 for precious gemstones with an insurance deductible of $500 to $1500.

The best way to insure your diamond jewelry is to buy an insurance coverage policy that will include diamond theft, stealing, and damage. Request your insurance broker to quote the insurance policy with no deductible and with the previously mentioned insurance policy coverage. Depending on how recent your appraisal is, you could use this when you sell your engagement ring. There are a handful of jewelry insurance companies that provide good support. Insurance policies are one of those mandatory items that you will need you to think about.

We would say though that a diamond jewelry insurance coverage policy really makes a lot of sense. Let say you have a marriage diamond set worth $5000 that you wear every day. How often do you walk around with $5000 cash in your pocket? Almost never? Well such might be the case when you walk around with your diamond jewelry. For those who have valuable diamond jewelry that you use every day and want to reduce the likelihood of having an unfortunate damage, insurance would be your best bet. Diamond jewelry valued at $5000 can cost as little as $75 per annum to protect. It’s worth every penny of your investment and will provide you with the peace of mind to wear it with pride as well as without any worries.

Best Place to Sell an Engagement Ring

The best place to sell an engagement ring is one that will provide you with a diamond certificate. A certificate is also being known as a certified report on precious gemstone. This report is certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), and you should always ask for this report when you are buying diamond jewelry. Having a diamond certification, it is possible to verify the color, cut, carat, weight, and clarity of your diamond. You might ask yourself where can I sell my engagement ring? Well, then you have come to the right place. We have unbiased reviews of the top rated diamond buyers.

selling-diamonds-for-cashYou really don’t have to concern yourself; with a diamond jeweler telling you anything less than the fact, considering that the diamond certificate comes from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and not the dealership. You might be compelled to pay a bit more for the diamond certification, nevertheless the expense is generally low, and in many cases, it can help you find out the market price of the diamond jeweler and can prevent you from buying a low quality diamond.

If you want to buy on superior quality diamond jewelry, and later decide to sell on your diamond jewelry, you might need to have the diamond certificate provided by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), or you may have great difficulty selling it to someone else. Moreover, you might need to use diamond grading report to look up for the market value of diamond jewelry which you want to sell.

You can reference the manual used by North American diamond merchants. While referring the diamond certification, or diamond grading report, there won’t be any kind of uncertainties whenever you want to purchase diamond jewelry. It is very easy to find out exactly the exact pricing for your diamond jewelry. This will likely prevent you from overpaying your diamond jeweler.

A duplicate copy of this diamond grading report should be submitted to your insurance company at the same time, whenever you buy diamond jewelers. This offer absolute, undeniable evidence of the true value of your diamond jeweler should it had been stolen or lost in the foreseeable future. Insurance agencies cannot deny your diamond certificate provided by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

Avoid buying / selling diamond gemstones from a jeweler who denies you to provide a diamond certificate by GIA. A company that doesn’t deal with certification is not the best place to sell an engagement ring. Furthermore do not get carried away by diamond jewelers who explain that getting a GIA certificate for your diamond jewelry will have an additional cost. In reality the extra charge for a GIA diamond certificate is low. In the event the diamond jeweler does not want to provide your GIA certificate, then you aren’t purchasing diamond gemstones from such fraud dealers.

Do not agree to get diamond jewelry certificates through other gemological laboratories apart from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). There are numerous fly-by-night gemological labs these days, nevertheless GIA has been established because they are most authenticated and accurate – not to point out well-known in the United States.

So stay away from diamond jewelers who do not wish to use GIA certification for accreditation purposes. Don’t buy/sell expensive diamond jewelry without getting GIA certificate for your diamond. If your diamond jeweler tries to convince you to definitely make the purchase without the GIA certificate, or go for another branded gemological lab certificate, you should be careful that the diamond dealer might be hiding something from you or forbid your diamond jeweler might not be real. We hope this helps answer your question on how to sell an engagement ring.

Insuring Your Diamond Jewelry

Insuring diamond jewelry requires a little bit of thinking, finding out the insurance terms and policies and finalizing your policy coverage plan. The diamond jewelry insurance policy is not as similar as compared to buying an automobile insurance policy. It can be quite a bit different. With respect to the US state that you reside in, you can essentially find three basic types of insurance coverage policies which will protect your diamond jewelry from any lost, damage or theft.

The first kind of insurance policy for your diamond jewelry is the cash coverage plan. When the diamond jewelry is stolen or lost, the insurance company will certainly replace the diamond jewelry with the present market price; no matter how much is the insurance coverage amount for that diamond jewelry. This will make sure your insurance company doesn’t overpay you for a lesser value diamond jewelry. This kind of insurance coverage policy for precious diamond jewelry is very rare.

The most typical kind of insurance coverage plan for expensive diamond jewelry is the replacement value policy. The insurance company is only going to pay you a fixed amount of money for your diamond jewelry that were missing or stolen. This does not imply that the insurance company will pay that fixed amount of money but it indicates that they will only pay up to that amount specified in the insurance agreement. In most cases, diamond jewelry will be en-cashed at a lower price.diamond-insurance-policy

The third type of insurance coverage policy offered for expensive diamond jewelry is fixed value policy. This is sometimes known as fixed price policy. This type of insurance policy plan is very exceptional. In an event the diamond jewelry is lost or stolen, the insurance company will definitely pay you the amount agreed upon by your insurance company. This is the best type of insurance coverage to have, but it is hardly offered by any diamond dealer.

If you cannot get fixed value insurance coverage plan, you can opt for cash coverage insurance policy. Your premium rates are going to be based on the present market value of the diamond, the type of coverage plan that you have enrolled in, and the US state that you reside in. If you live in a place having a very high crime rate, you are expected to pay a very high premium amount for your diamond jewelry insurance policy.

You should understand your insurance agent is certainly not competent diamond jewelers, and certainly diamond jewelers are not experienced insurance brokers. It is advisable to acquire a certificate from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) for your diamond jewelry, and to provide a duplicate copy of the certificate to your insurance company.

This particular GIA certificate will have a lesser room for justifications with your insurance company regarding any claims or the actual market value of your diamond jewelry. Don’t rely on an insurance coverage plan that do not explicitly cover your diamond jewelry. For example, if your diamond jewelry is stolen from your home, you may think that it may be probably be covered under home owner’s insurance coverage policy but however the diamond jewelry is never considered as a part of your home insurance which will result in no insurance coverage.

Selling Diamond Jewelry for Cash

Before you start shopping for precious diamond jewelry or look for a retailer to sell your diamond jewelry, think about speaking with a bonded diamond jeweler. Bonded diamond jewelers will offer you very rare precious diamond gemstones. There are a handful of bonded diamond dealers in the United States. In fact, of all the diamond dealers in the world no more than 5% of them are bonded diamond dealers.

Buying a bonded diamond gemstone or jewelry will cost you much more than a non-bonded diamond gemstone. However you will need to examine exactly how is the quality of bonded diamond gemstone, as it will be well worth that extra cost.

First of all, bonded diamond jewelers offers a money buy back guarantee for purchasing their bonded diamond gemstones. Regardless of how long you have owned or possessed the diamond jewelry, you are able to take it back to the bonded diamonds showroom and sell it or return it to her or him, for a 100% refund without any dedications or price depreciation.

If the bonded diamond jeweler does not provide you a 100% buy back guarantee, for the entire life of the bonded diamond gemstones, then you have to take a closer look at the bonded diamond gemstones to determine if there is something wrong with it.

Bonded diamond jewelers in addition have a damage insurance policy. If the bonded diamond gemstone develops any scratches or chips off from your gold ring or necklace, the bonded diamond jeweler will replace it free of cost with brand new bonded diamond jewelry. But this would be a one-time replacement for your damage bonded diamond jewelry set.

diamond-buyersNo other diamond dealer in the world would provide such a quote with such a fantastic insurance policy on any diamond gemstone or jewelry piece that has not been 100% natural or organic. So whichever bonded diamond dealers provide you this type of offer or this type of agreement will also need to provide you a certificate from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) about the quality of the bonded diamond gemstones.

Bonded diamond gemstones are natural gemstones and have not undergone any chemical treatment. Bonded diamond jewelry is therefore very highly priced, with a fixed appreciation rate that is developed to maintain the market value of diamond gemstones. This means that a bonded diamond gemstone that is worth a certain amount of cash now might be worth much more in the near future, since the price of precious diamonds will continue to increase year by year.

Alternately, by purchasing bonded diamond jewelry, you are not safeguarded against the market conditions as compared to any other pricing commodities. In case your stock market crashes, the value of your expensive bonded diamonds will decline. Nevertheless, the bonded diamond jeweler guarantees to refund you the difference in amount between what the bonded diamond has become well worth today and what you paid for it prior your stock market being crashed.

It may be difficult to find a bonded diamond jeweler in your neighborhood, but when you can, this really is the jeweler whom you wish to handle your diamond ornaments, rather than buying them from a non-bonded diamond jeweler. Particularly notify your diamond jeweler that you are merely thinking about bonded diamonds. You can find a bonded diamond dealer in your city by making use of various sources on the internet, newspapers, or by getting in touch with the neighborhood diamond jewelry shops.

Cash for Engagement Rings

With all due possibilities of frauds concerning precious diamond gemstones, buying and selling diamond gemstones on the Internet almost appears impractical. However, you can actually purchase and sell precious diamond gemstones on the Internet, without any worries, if you are careful. Go with a recommended diamond buyer like the ones we vetted on BestReviewsHub.com.

Initially, who have to decide whether to buy the precious diamond gemstones online, as opposed to buying from your local diamond jeweler? The most common reason is the ease of buying and economical pricing of diamonds. Because of lower overhead price, on the internet diamond dealers and wholesalers have the ability to offer less expensive costs. Yet, you should be very cautious. Occasionally a diamond gemstone having a very low price on the internet may not be a real diamond and might be a sure sign of a scam.

Among the best reasons for buying diamond gemstone online is that you find unlimited collection of spectacular diamond jewelry. When purchasing traditional diamond jewelry at your nearby neighborhood, you may happen to have limited choice available in the diamond jewelry. In doing online diamond shopping, there aren’t any such boundaries or limitations. Yet, you have to take a great deal of care and consideration prior to handing your money over to someone who you cannot see.

Before doing an online shopping, learn as much as possible about your diamond gemstones, especially cut, color, clarity and carat weights. When you are knowledgeable about expensive diamond jewelry, it will be more difficult for a diamond dealer to rip you off. As soon as you learn more about expensive diamond gemstones, you will be prepared before buying the diamond jewelry of your choice.

Take your own time. Do not buy precious diamond gemstones just because it interests you. Alternatively, research for similar diamond gemstones available in the US markets. Perform some comparison of your diamond jewelry based on quality and price. After you have found out the lowest prices, find out more about the diamond quality. You will know more about your diamond gemstones, after you have found out more about your diamond jewelry that you would like to purchase, and compared its pricing with other diamond dealers in the market. cash-for-diamonds

But there are still some significant checks that you need to confirm before buying your diamond jewelry online. Ask about the diamond dealer accreditation, for example whether the specialized diamond jewelry is a certified member of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Please read carefully the terms and conditions of your diamond jewelry, whether they provide buy back guarantee for their diamond gemstones, reimbursement, and insurance coverage.

Furthermore find out in relation to extra services, such as settings and mountings, and free shipping. Find out more about customer feedbacks and ratings about your diamond jewelry on the internet. Also check with the some diamond review websites to determine if there any complaints regarding your diamond jewelry. Ask for a diamond gemstone certificate coming from reputed diamond accreditation institutes like GIA, HRD, EGL or AGS. You should check these things prior to buying your diamond jewelry.

Diamond Ring Buyers

There may be many reasons why you want to sell your diamond jewelry that you simply possess. Probably you’ve gotten divorced, or you are out of cash. The reasons why don’t actually matters. It is just getting the best possible price that counts.

The best way to obtain the best price for your diamond jewelry is usually not to be in a hurry. Gradually down the lane be very careful and look at all of your choices – there are many. Very first, have your diamond jewelry evaluated. In reality, have it evaluated by two or three neighborhood diamond dealers to receive an appropriate pricing of your diamond jewelry.

Notify your diamond evaluator that you want the maximum market value for your engagement ring or diamond jewelry. This is the wholesale price of your diamond gemstone, and it basically tells you the highest price that you can offer your precious diamond jewelry for. But if your diamond jewelry has no dealer receipt, you should look at getting certificates from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). This may help you receive a better price for the diamond gemstone at the same time.

online-diamond-buyersVery first, try to sell your precious diamond jewelry on your own, to people you know well or have close contacts. Friends and family members might be the best choice. If you don’t have any luck with your family or friends or business associates, you ought to consider other resources. Absolutely stay away from pawn stores. A second hand pawn shop is only going to quote you about 10% of what your diamond jewelry might be really worth in US markets.

Also avoid offers of promoting your diamond jewelry in shops and newspapers. There are many things that might go completely wrong, and there’s no shortage of diamond jewelry scams in US news channels, even in well known diamond jewelry shops. Your diamond jewelry is very precious to you, so should think twice about auctioning your precious diamond gemstones by famous market auction houses, for instance Christie’s or Sotheby’s.

If you do not have expensive diamond jewelry or a high-end precious diamond gemstone, make an attempt to offer it to an individual entity using categorized advertisements, or you can even auction it on the internet through eBay or Amazon. On the other hand, handling your precious diamond jewelry to a person that you do not know could possibly put you at risk – particularly if your diamond gemstone may be worth a lot of money.

Your final alternative ought to be a diamond jewelry store. It is very important that you keep a photographic copy of your diamond gemstones as you may sometimes find out that the diamond gemstones you walked into a diamond dealer may be not be the same diamond gemstones that you just walk out with. Be aware of such fraudulent diamond dealers or merchants.

Your neighborhood diamond jeweler might take the ultimate opportunity to exploit you and will attempt to share with you that your diamond gemstones are of poor quality or low carat weight. Inevitably, the diamond dealer will make you feel that are several troubles with your diamond jewelry. This is where your diamond jewelry evaluation or GIA certificate might come in handy. When the diamond jeweler is genuine, they are going to provide you in between 60% and 80% of the market price of your diamond jewelry. Usually do not acknowledge anything amount smaller than this. Again, do not give away your diamond jewelry without obtaining full payment in cash or check.

Precious Diamond Cuts and Carat Weights

In their most natural form, precious diamond gemstones are well quite unappealing and look very unpleasant. They have no shine or radiance, and in reality, it might look like a simple shattered glass. A diamond gemstone need to be cut with accurate precision, and then refined prior to it being genuinely become an attractive mesmerizing piece of ultimate attraction.

Diamond gemstones are cut using another piece of diamond into circular shapes and, other designs might cut with precision, for instance heart designs but the condition is that the diamond carat quality is being maintained by the cutting that is being carried out.

If diamond gemstones are improperly cut, it might reduce its carat weight, it will reduce its radiant light, and will not glitter and glow extraordinary. Every part of the diamond gemstone needs to be meticulously cut into the geometrical shapes that allows the diamond gemstone to glitter and shine, and then your whole diamond gemstone is cut into a perfect piece, such as an emerald cut or a princess cut precious diamond jeweler. diamond-cuts

When the cut is completed, diamond gemstones are placed into an enclosure that resembles a cup with another diamond gemstone simply because a precious diamond gemstone is strong enough to sleek the sides of another diamond gemstone. When the diamond gemstone continues to be cut and designed, and has the edges smoothened in the enclosure, it’s polished on a diamond gemstone polishing wheel.

Diamond gemstones are rated by their carat weight. One carat weighs 200 milligrams. In case a diamond gemstone is known as four grains, this means that it is a one carat diamond gemstone. The word carat is derived from the word carob. A carob is really a bean that grows on a tree in the Mediterranean. In ancient times, if a diamond gemstone weighed just like a carob bean, it was one carob, or one carat. On the other hand, in the Asian countries like China, where carob trees do not grow at all, rice was used to evaluate the weight of a diamond gemstone.

If a diamond gemstone weighed as much as four grains of rice, it had been four grains or one carat as you may know it today. Nearly all diamond gemstones available in US market tend to be for diamonds that are 1/3 of a carat weight. Beware when looking for diamond gemstones that happen to be set or mounted. If more than one diamond gemstone is used in the bit, the tag on the diamond jewelry can give us an indication of CTW or the Carat Total Weight. It does not explain the carat weight of each diamond gemstone inside the diamond jewelry. Hence it is advisable for a diamond buyer to ask the diamond jewelry dealer for the full carat weight of the biggest diamond gemstone in the jewelry item to genuinely know very well before purchasing your precious diamond gem set.

How to Clean Your Diamond Jewelry

Through our daily movements our diamond gemstones may become smudged and damaged. Even while we are not necessarily wearing them, they can become dusty. Creams, cleansers, organic natural oils, may cause film and grime on diamond gemstones and may obstruct their beautiful shine.

Do you want to maintain that radiance and shine? Diamond gemstones need cleansing in order that greater amount of light can be refracted to produce a brilliant shine. Keep in mind that it merely requires a couple of minutes and just a little bit of treatment to maintain your precious diamond jewelry as fiery since the day you first saw it.

You should use a small delicate brush for example an eyebrow or lip stick brush and soap and water to wash your precious diamond jewelry. Simply make a bowl of warm lathery water with a mild detergent and place your diamond jewelry in the bowl. Then brush the precious diamond gemstones using the delicate bristles of the brush when they have been in the lather. You will need to make certain that you rinse the diamond gemstones free from the lather immediately after cleaning them.

cleaning-diamondsUse a smaller kitchen strainer like a tea strainer to contain them while rinsing under warm water. Use a lint free cloth, or a jewelry shine material to pat them dried out. If your precious diamond gemstones are in need of a more powerful cleansing, you may want to saturate them for 30 minutes in a solution of half water and half ammonia. Once the diamond gemstones have been soaked for 30 minutes, take them off and gently brush the mountings with a little brush. Then remove the diamond gemstones from the solution and polish them in the mixture prior to removing them to rinse and drying them out.

If you find yourself too occupied with cleaning your diamond jewelry with blending cleansers and ammonias, you can purchase a diamond cleanser kit from your local supermarket. The majority of diamond cleanser kit will include everything you will need to clean your diamond gemstones.

You will need to read the instructions available with the diamond cleanser kit to find out what is more preferable for your diamond gemstones and other jeweler. Read the complete instructions and follow every step with some precautions. If you want not to risk your diamond jewelry thinking that you may damage it during the cleaning program, you can look out for ultrasound diamond cleaning programs available at selected diamond showrooms. These ultrasound machines will make use of high frequency sound waves to produce a washing movement on your diamond gemstones.

All diamond cleanser kits are not the same, so make sure you follow the instructions carefully just before using the cleansing solution. Choose the washing technique right for your diamond jewelry. But, it is important to retain your diamond jewelry by cleaning them in order to maintain its sparkling and glow. This will likely help you to keep your precious diamond jewelry sparkling and beautiful for many days.

How to Evaluate and Determine the Price of Your Diamond Jewelry

Pricing most fast consumer goods is quite easy. Just try to figure out how much does it cost to procure a diamond, to promote the diamond jewelry, and then add a tolerance level up by 15 – 30% or even more. This might sound very easy, but in reality pricing precious diamonds is not that easy. There are several factors that are to be considered at the time of pricing your diamond jewelry.

At the very first instant, diamond jewelry prices are established by adding the price of the rough diamond gemstone, the price of cutting the diamond gemstone, and all other charges essential to turn the hard diamond right into a salable precious gemstone.

To determine the carat of the diamond, an independent gemological institute may be contacted to approve the standard of diamonds based on weight, color, cut, and clarity. At this point, diamonds have become high-priced each time it is altered, until it ultimately reaches the diamond retailer, where the price may be raised a little bit more.

Just before reaching the hands of the diamond merchant, behind the scenes, a diamond must travel from the diamond mine, to the diamond cutter, to the self-governing diamond grading institutes, and then on the key marketplace. Once the diamonds arrive at the primary marketplace, it would most likely be obtained by precious gemstone dealers and wholesale suppliers, and after that it will be distributed to diamond jewelry showrooms.

As we discussed earlier, the sooner we buy a diamond gemstone in the process, the lower will be the cost of the diamond gemstone although it may not the worthy enough. The worthiness is dependent on exactly what the precious gemstone will cost in the consumer market through a diamond merchant. If you have diamond jewelry, and if you simply have no idea how much it is worth the price, you can have it evaluated, even though the evaluation may not be precise. evaluate-diamond-engagement-ring

You’ll be better off obtaining a certificate of authenticity from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). With the information about your diamond jewelry mentioned in this certificate, you can figure out precisely how much real worth is your precious diamonds. In addition, there are numerous online gemstone carat weight calculators available on the internet. These can give you accurate information based on the diamond quality and weight.

You have to realize, nonetheless, that before you can precisely find out the price of your diamond jewelry, without any accredited GIA certificate or grading, you need to know a good deal in relation to diamond gemstones. For example various cuts, clarity, color, and weighting – and the ways in which each and every aspect of these can increase or depreciate the value your diamond jewelry.

Again, you will be much better if you get a diamond graded certificate on your purchased diamond jewelry, and use that facts check out the pricing available in the consumer market. It will give you the most accurate value of your purchased diamond jewelry.

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