The Best Camping Showers in 2021

Camping showers are a great way to save money, reduce waste, and make camping more fun. If you are looking for some tips on how to find the best camping showers then we have you covered.

Camping showers are easy to set up, they are cost efficient, and it is a lot of fun.

We have taken the time to gather some useful tips for all skill levels on how to find the best camping showers. These tips include where to look, what features you should be aware of, and some other important information that will help you make the most informed decision possible before purchasing your camping shower.

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Most Important Aspects of Camping Showers

  • Weight: The less the better, as it makes it easier to carry and hang.
  • Size: Packed size shouldn’t be too long, as you’ll want to take them with you on your hike. -Durability: You don’t want something that will break after a few uses or one bad weather day! -Temperature control: This is key for hygiene and comfort. Water temperature can make or break a camping shower experience.
  • Water capacity: It’s nice to have enough water for at least 2 people (some estimate 5+).
  • Price point: Less expensive is always better. Price shouldn’t be the main factor in determining which shower to buy though.
  • Overall/Aesthetic appeal: Looks aren’t everything but something that looks good will always be more enjoyable to use.

Kipida Solar Shower Bag

The Kipida Solar Shower Bag is made from a high quality polyurethane material. It offers a great value as it comes with some nice features as well. The material is durable and can withstand heavy use. This product works well if you want to go on a long hike or even for camping. You can hang it from trees or rocks, but we recommend using the included steel hanging hook. It also includes two strong hanging ropes which make it easy to attach and remove when needed.

The Kipida is very lightweight and compact with only weighs 1 pound and 4 ounces (with water). The size comes in at 7 x 15 inches unfolded, and 11 x 5 inches when folded up making it easy to bring along whether by car or hiking over rough terrain. Temperature control with this shower is optimal, as the temperature remains constant despite changing weather conditions such as sun/clouds/wind speed/outside temperature.

Vidalido Outdoor Shower Tent Changing Room

The Vidalido Outdoor Shower Tent Changing Room also works well for many different activities such as camping and hiking, but it’s also good for an everyday shower or even at the beach. This is because of it’s lightweight quality and compact size (3 x 7 inches). The Vidalido comes with a double zipper which makes it easy to get in and out, and it also uses double seams to reduce leaking problems which we’ve all had before! It’s made from 210T nylon fabric that was originally designed for parachutes, this means that you can expect maximum durability as well as excellent water resistance.

Temperature control is dependant on the outside temperature, as it’s simply a solar powered shower tent. It does have a waterproof lining so you can still rinse off without worrying about water damage to the inside. This is a great camping shower option because of its durability and easy storage size.

Advanced Elements 5 Gallon Summer Shower / Solar Shower

The Advanced Elements Summer Shower is another great camping shower option and it has all the features you would expect for a product in this price range. It comes with a rugged plastic exterior made from high-density polyethylene which will withstand heavy use and tough weather conditions. There is also an interior water bladder that won’t rust like stainless steel options out there (and it’s cheaper too!). Temperature control consists of 2 different rotating nozzles that allow you to choose between hot or cold water, cool mist, or warm mist.

You can hold up to 5 gallons of water at one time because of the wide opening in the top. The Summer Shower is very light at only 2 pounds and it’s compact dimensions are 12 x 12 x 18 inches. It also includes a nice carrying bag which makes it easy to transport water from your campsite/home/car/etc.

Dr. Prepare Camping Shower

The Dr. Prepare is a solar shower bag made from high quality material that’s durable and lightweight. The material used isn’t the only thing that makes it durable though, as this shower uses double seams and heavy duty zippers to add that extra layer of durability against leaks and tears. There are 4 suction cups included which allows users to attach their shower almost anywhere, such as on tents or trees.

Dr. Prepare also has a patented quick-connect system allowing the user to switch between spray modes with ease (between mist/stream). Temperature control can be achieved by moving the black nozzle around to adjust temperatures accordingly (between cold/warm to cool/hot). It comes in at 13 x 12 inches when folded up and 17 x 12 when open. You can fit 5 gallons of water inside if you plan on using it for showering purposes.

Texsport Instant Portable Outdoor Camping Shower

The Texsport is a great option for an outdoor camping shower and it gets the job done quickly. Heat control consists of 2 different nozzles (one for cold/warm water, one for hot). You can choose to use either nozzles or both at the same time! This camping shower uses large opening in order to hold up to 5 gallons of water inside. It also comes with 4 suction cups which allows you to attach your shower to almost anything in seconds.

Texsport includes a nice storage case which also acts as a seperate carrying bag in cases where you don’t want to take along the entire shower. The overall dimensions are 12 x 12 when folded up, and 16 x 16 when fully open making it compact for storage.


Buying Guide

camping showers buying guide

Types of Camping Showers

Solar Powered Showers

Solar camping showers will take longer to heat up, but once it reaches its desired temperature, it won’t lose much during operation which makes them popular with campers. Electric/propane powered units can be very pricey because of their heating capabilities (heating for 10-15 minutes), but they offer the quickest way to get clean when there is no other available methods nearby.

Electric Powered Showers

Electric showers typically use stainless steel or titanium exteriors to keep them lightweight, rust-free, and easy to clean. The water inside is heated using an attached heating element (copper coils). Most electric camping showers are well insulated which keeps the exterior cool to touch even after several minutes of operation.

Propane Powered Showers

Propane powered camp shower units tend to be much larger than other types because they require more space for propane tanks. They also use rubber hoses between the tank and the shower in order to avoid any disconcerting sounds made by metal hitting metal during operation. Like electric powered showers, most feature high quality insulation making them very comfortable during extended use.

Pump Powered Showers

Pump powered camp showers typically use containers other than plastic for holding water (such as metal jugs or collapsable bladders). The water is pulled and pushed through the hose using a pump (diaphragm) which requires human power. Some pumps come with hand-cranks while others require an additional manual press in order to work, but either way they provide a unique experience when camping.

Camping Shower Accessories

Carrying Bag

Shower bags are essential for keeping your shower clean and dry (and also convert them into carrying bags). A nice feature of some camping showers is the option to buy a full kit which includes the shower, bag, and bonus accessories such as towels or soap.

Suction Cups

Suction cups make it easy to attach your new shower to any surface within seconds (trees, poles, trunks, etc.). Some camping showers include multiple suction cups so you can secure them in multiple places at once. This makes sure that there will be no leaks during operation.

Hanging Hooks & Zip Ties/Cable Ties

Hanging hooks are great if you plan on hanging your shower from tree branches.

Cable ties and zip ties are another option for attaching your camping shower to tree branches.


A nice bonus feature of some camp showers is a small towel or wash cloth that is included within the packaging.

Leakage Protection

Since most camping showers have openings which allow water to drain from it, leakage protection can help you save what’s inside from being wasted if the unit falls over during operation. Some models include an automatic shut off mechanism which stops water flow as soon as your shower turns upside down so no damage will occur (usually accompanied by built-in hanging hooks).

Nozzle Caps & Diffusers

Almost all types of camping showers come with adjustable nozzles so you can direct the water exactly where you want to. Some are designed for just power or just temperature control while others have 2 separate nozzles. Diffusers reduce the force of the water without losing much in temperature which makes them great for children and older adults who are concerned about getting wet.

Hose Lengths

The longer the hose, the more flexibility you will have when it comes to showering. Hoses usually range from 10 feet to 25 feet in length (some camping showers even include up to 40 ft hoses) which make it possible for campers to take a “spa-like” shower if they bring along enough water supplies!

How Many Gallons and What Size?

The ideal water capacity for a camping shower varies from one model to another. However, almost all camping showers have a warning label somewhere on the package indicating how many people they can adequately serve. The average range is between 2 and 5 gallons of water depending on what type of shower you get (electric or propane).

Using Portable Shower?

Using a camping shower is simple. Detach the hose from the unit and you’re ready to start bathing! Most models have an on/off button or switch which allows you to select which temperature setting you want (cold, warm or hot) and a pressure dial which directs how much water will come out of your shower head. Temperature control lets users ensure that their animals don’t get too cold after a bath. Pressure dials give campers more flexibility when it comes to washing off dirt since some like it harder than others!

When Is It Time to Replace My Camping Shower?

Since most camping showers are built with high quality materials designed for years of use, they usually last much longer than other types. However problems can occur if you overuse your shower and drain it of water. This can result in a loss of pressure or an inability to get the right amount of heat from the unit.

As a general rule, it’s recommended that users replace their camping showers at least once every 3 years to avoid having any problems with the hose or nozzle. However, factors such as how often you use them and storage conditions can have an impact on expected lifespan so this is just a rough estimate. If you need help deciding whether its time for you to buy a new outdoor shower.


There are many different types of camping showers on the market, so it’s best to do your homework before making a purchase. Our list contains 5 of the top models available, each one offering something unique while remaining affordable and durable for everyday use. My personal favorite is Dr. Prepare Camping Shower because it uses a patented quick-connect system allowing the user to switch between spray modes quickly and easily (between mist/stream). Temperature control can be achieved by moving the black nozzle around to adjust temperatures accordingly (between cold/warm to cool/hot). It also comes in at 13 x 12 inches when folded up and 17 x 12 when open. You can fit 5 gallons of water inside if you plan on using it for showering purposes.

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