Velux Skylights: A Comprehensive Buyers Guide

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Velux Skylights: A Comprehensive Buyers Guide

There are few sensations more enjoyable than staring at the sky and basking in the sunlight. But what if you’re stuck inside all day having to work? This situation is what might have prompted the inventor to come up with the idea of a skylight. And boy are we grateful!

Not only a visual wonder, but skylights are also a valuable and impressive feature of any modern home. However, finding the right skylight for your space can be undeniably overwhelming. And of course, the idea of cutting into your ceiling is probably terrifying enough to disturb your sleep.

What you need is to partner with experts. Velux skylights are the industry leader in this area of architecture. They offer trusted solutions to anyone interested in taking the plunge and cutting their ceiling out.

This buyers guide will tell you everything you need to know about this Melbourne based brand so you can understand why you can trust them too.

What is Velux?

As we mentioned, Velux skylights Melbourne are the market leaders in quality ceiling skylights.

Velux offers a range of products to suit every homeowner’s needs. Whether you’d like to open the skylight by hand, or electronically; they’ve got you covered!

Some of the most notable units in the Velux range include the following:

  • Manually operated top-hung skylights
  • Electronically operated top-hung skylights
  • Fixed non-opening skylights
  • Flat-roofed skylights
  • Centre pivot roof windows

Velux Skylights: A Comprehensive Buyers Guide

We love Velux skylights solely because of the quality of the materials and the durability of the units. This company is a market leader for a reason. This notion is proved time and time again, with Velux skylights that were installed over 40 years ago still in full-functioning condition. With long-term performance like that you likely won’t need a warranty period. However, it’s no surprise they still offer a lengthy coverage to all customers.

Benefits of Skylights

Going through the trouble to cut your ceiling just to install a window may seem like a mission not worth starting. However, when you consider the many advantages that come with a great skylight, you will likely reconsider.

Energy efficient skylights is a phrase that perfectly sums up the benefits of properly installed skylights within a home or office space:

  • Skylights can be carefully selected to deliver the greatest possible value to a room. The heat or cooling of a house can be controlled if a skylight is strategically installed in a location most conducive to this goal.
  • In the winter, the skylight can be kept closed; allowing only the warm rays into the space. No need for electric heaters or air conditioning.
  • In the summer, the skylight can be unlatched and opened as an additional source of air flow. The space below the skylight will be light and breezy in the summer heat.
  • In the same breath, skylights will significant minimize your lighting costs. Since so much more natural light will come in, there’s no need to keep the globes on all day.
  • Skylights placed in the direction of the setting sun make for the most optimized periods of light extension. You’ll have access to the sunlight for as long as it is out.
Bonus: Skylights create space in even the smallest of homes. Or at least they give the illusion of space, which is good enough!  From a more whimsical view of things, skylights are unusual, creative windows to the world. There is something dreamy about their presence in any space be it at home, at work or in public premises.

To enjoy these benefits, seriously consider each of these factors when selecting the location for your skylight:

  • Does the chosen spot receive a lot of direct sunlight?
  • Will the skylight be able to fit at a weatherproof angle?
  • If manual, am I able to reach and maneuver the skylight easily?
  • Can this area of ceiling handle the weight of a heavier skylight? Should I go with a lighter

Velux Skylights: A Comprehensive Buyers Guide

Proper Installation

Because of the nature of these units, DIY installation is usually not recommended.

Most of us are comfortable drilling holes to hang paintings; most of us are NOT comfortable cutting through the ceiling to make a space.

Proper installation of a skylight requires the workmanship of qualified individuals. Luckily, there are so many of these currently on the market:

  • A trained skylight installer will be able to assess the premises and deem it either safe or unfit for the procedure.
  • They will also advise you on the best cut of skylight for that space; taking all factors into con This includes weather, building structure, building age, land regulation & privacy.
  • Sometimes properties require specific permits to cut new windows. This will usually be handled by the installer on your behalf, but it always helps to confirm whether you need them or not just in case.
Warning: The operation of skylights should be left to adults and never in the hands of children. Familiarize yourself with the electrical system or latches that the skylight embodies, so you are 100% comfortable in its use.

Things are Looking Up

Skylights are great tools to turn a plain space into a more interesting and economically friendly one. And it can literally happen overnight. Velux skylights are our personal pick for all things skylights. They will take care of your needs in a timely and professional manner, every time.