Best Camping Chairs for Big Guys

best camping chair for big guys

We all know camping with your significant other is a great way to show you care. You’ll roast marshmallows roasting sticks, and play old family board games over s’mores in the comfort of your tent. However, most camp chairs are designed for people under six feet tall and 150 pounds. So what do you do when you’re tall and heavy? Searching for the best camping chairs for big guys can be difficult. You don’t want something that will fall apart after your first trip, or worse, just crush underneath your weight!

Don’t worry; we did the research to bring you this list of the highest-rated camping chairs for big guys. Whether you’re seeking the most durable chair, or something with a high weight capacity, these are designed to last many camping trips.

Our Top Chair Picks For Big Guys


Best Overall with Maximum Weight Capacity

Coastrail Outdoor XXL Oversized Director Chair

This chair can support 600lbs and is 28 inches wide. It comes with a cup holder, adjustable shoulder strap and elastic pockets to keep your gear close. Buyers say this chair can handle anything you can throw at it. This chair is perfect for big guys who are tall. The adjustable strap makes it easy to move around. Don’t let the low price fool you, this chair is extremely large and versatile.


Runner Up

Sunnyfeel XL Oversized Camping Chair

Sale Sunnyfeel XL Oversized Camping Chair Heavy Duty 500 LBS Padded Folding Hammock The Big Man’s Camping Chair: Our XL Foldable camping chair is perfect for big and tall guys and gals, with a weight capacity of up to 500 lbs., and extra wide seating area (20.9″x21.5″)

Trusted and loved by thousands of customers and counting, the Sunnyfeel camping chair features a wide, padded seat and back with extra leg room which allows you to sit up straight and relax without your knees touching the frame beneath  you – unlike the traditional low-seating designs found in most camping chairs.


Good Budget Friendly Choice

Coleman Oversize Quad Camping Chair

The Coleman Quad is an affordable option that provides great durability and comfort at a price that won’t break the bank.

It provides a 300-pound weight capacity, 20% more than most chairs on this list. Is it made for big guys? This chair can hold up to 500 pounds! Most other chairs are happy to provide 200 pounds of support. Do you weigh 300 pounds or more? No worries! This chair is excellent for taller folks. It can support up to 6’6”, a foot taller than the average camping chair!

The Coleman does have a few cons. Being so big and heavy, it doesn’t pack down as easily as other chairs on this list. Let’s talk about its size. At 28 x 25 x 36 inches, the Coleman is your biggest option. It also comes in at almost 14 pounds! If you’re hiking this chair in to your campsite, it may be a struggle.

Etekcity Camping Folding Steel Frame Chair – The Etekcity has an excellent weight capacity of 500 pounds with its steel frame support. Most other chairs on this list don’t come close (and when they do, they cost way more). Even when loaded with camping supplies and food for the whole family, this bad boy can support everyone with ease!

As an added bonus, it has some great features that make set up and take down easy for big guys like yourself. First off, it has a bag system to store the chair when not in use, reducing its size. You can pack it away into your car or tent easily! It also comes with stakes that help keep the legs of the chair secure on all types of terrain.

This chair is an excellent value for the price. However, this chair does have some limitations. The steel frame adds weight to the chair at 8 pounds, so it may be difficult to haul around all day long. Also, some people complain about how small it is-but I found no issue there (it’s 32 x 25 x 27 inches). If you’re big and tall like myself, you may find it a bit tight. However, for most people, this chair is extremely comfortable.

camping chairs for big guys

Big Guy Camping Chair Buying Guide

You’re probably wondering why you should buy a big guy camping chair. I mean, we all have our favorite folding chairs that we use back home. And if you go to the park, there are plenty of benches and picnic tables for seating! So what’s stopping us from using those? Well, let me tell you.

They hurt after a while-Have you ever sat on a bench or flat surface your whole camping trip? They can be frustratingly uncomfortable and leave poor red marks on your thighs (or maybe that nice family with little kids kept kicking your seat). Folding chairs are just more comfortable overall. You can lean back, support your arms and legs-and you don’t have to worry about people kicking your seat!

You can fit in them easier-Big guys need space, especially when it comes to sitting. Can you imagine trying to get up from a bench with sleeping bags or coolers on the seat behind you? Or squeezing past both sides of a folding chair? Yeah…you get the idea. Big guy camping chairs are designed around big guys for maximum functionality and comfort. They provide enough space that everyone fits without issue.


I’m not trying to pick on the folding chairs at home but…yeah, they aren’t built for durability. They can bend and break really easily when you sit in them wrong, throw them in your car or take a nap with a friend (and I mean a nap). If you want a chair that will hold up to all kinds of camping activities-look no further than big guy camping chairs!


We can’t talk about big guy camping chairs without mentioning comfort. All the chairs on this list are extremely comfortable-after all, you don’t want to have a bad experience out in nature! Some may be more comfortable than others but they are definitely made to handle your weight with ease. Now let’s get into the specifics of what makes these so comfy for big guys!


A lot of times people forget that armrests are actually important for comfort and support! If you have stiff arms or just like resting them for a bit, an armrest is your best friend. Most big guy seats come with reliable arm rests that will hold up through anything-even catching yourself from toppling over!

Back Support

This is one place that big guy chairs really shine. They are specifically designed for this function and get results. Some models come with adjustable back support (such as the Coleman Oversize Quad Camping Chair) while others already have it right where you like it (like the Eureka Curvy High Back). Either way, your back will thank you after a long day of camping in any other seat!

The Final Verdict: Which One Is For You?

So now that we’ve looked at all these amazing options, which one would I pick? To be completely honest-I recommend looking at each chair and deciding what features fit your needs best.

However, one thing they all have in common is their quality. All of these chairs are made from high quality materials guaranteed to hold up under your weight and wear and tear. So pick one…or two or three (kidding!) and give yourself a break with some great big guy camping seats!

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