Best Exercise Resistance Bands

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best resistance bands

In the past, exercise resistance bands were seen mainly as a fitness workout for older people or just a solution for rehabbing an injury. That stigma of resistance bands being an “easier” workout has gone completely out the window in recent years. Exercise resistance bands are the perfect way to get in shape and tone your body without a lot of equipment.

If you are looking to drop those dumbbells and still get a full body workout, pick up some resistance bands and incorporate them into your workout. This small, flexible, and portable piece of equipment is all you need for the perfect exercise solution. Take it anywhere for a great workout while on vacation. No more searching for a gym or using poor hotel equipment. Use exercise resistance bands in the comfort of your own room.

Resistance bands come in many different resistance levels. You should take care in picking a resistance that is right for you and your skill level, as well as the exercises you plan to do with them. The length also has to be appropriate and work well after being secured. Choosing the correct band resistance and length will maximize results and prevent injury.

When used correctly, resistance bands have the potential to be much more effective than your average dumbbell. Exercise resistance bands help improve your strength as well as balance during your workout. The flexibility of the bands also offers a full range of motion and often works muscles that you just don’t work with normal weights. It is a true total body workout that tones muscles that you didn’t even know existed. Drop the dumbbells and enjoy the freedom of working out with the ultimate piece of exercise equipment. These low cost, portable bands will be the best thing for your workouts and your body.

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#1 – Bodylastics BLI-BLSET05 Resistance Bands


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Bodylastics BLI-BLSET05 Resistance Bands Overview

Bodylastic resistance bandshave helped many consumers to burn more calories achieving fantastic results within a few weeks. Costumers can’t stop raving about how good Bodylastic resistance bandshave been, taking the fitness industry by storm.

The resistance band expands to greater extension, helping you out with different stretching exercises. You can easily try out different lower and upper body exercises with the door anchor and strap facilitating a good range of workout exercises. The band handle is also comfortable to try strenuous routines without straining your hands.

#2 – Black Mountain 0B-0H2M-3FIB Resistance Band


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Black Mountain 0B-0H2M-3FIB Resistance Band Overview

The Black Mountain resistance band has tremendously helped customers tone their body, burn calories and achieve great shape. The set includes fitness bands of varied strength, composed of superior quality rubber tubing. They are color coded for determining the weight strength required for the exercise routine.

The band has a very comfortable padded handle for a better grip and you can attach all the bands to one handle to try out compound resistance training exercises. The best part of the set consumers liked the most was the door anchor which helped them to try on different sets of exercises which were very effective.

The ankle strap harness also proved its worth as well as the instruction guide. The fitness carry bag is a boon since you can take the set to college or the gym and try out the fitness routine during your spare time. Over and above the Black Mountain resistance band has boosted consumers fitness level and we certainly recommend both advanced and beginners to try this fabulous fitness product.

#3 – ProSource FS-GDM-1001-RB-O-5 Resistance Band


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ProSource FS-GDM-1001-RB-O-5 Resistance Band Overview

The ProSource resistance band set includes high quality bands which consumers have tried out and found to have good elasticity and stretching capability under heavy weight. It did not seem to snap and give way even with tremendous stretching on the bands.

The tension created using different bands was good enough to hold the body weight while trying the door anchor. Costumers tried a variety of fusion exercises and high intensity fitness routines and were pleasantly surprised with the results. The band handle has a good cushioning and will not hurt your hands while you exercise. The resistance band set could be complete with an ankle strap for working out on your upper body muscles. If you are fitness conscious then this product fits the bill and it will surely work wonders for you.

Exercise Resistance Band Buying Guide

Exercise Resistance BandIn today’s fast-paced world where everyone usually works at an office or outside their houses, it is hard to keep up and stay on track with exercise and fitness. Exercising regularly is vital to maintain a healthy body and lifestyle. Since a lot of people don’t have the luxury of time to head to a fitness gym to work out, purchasing exercise resistance bands may be the best idea to remain fit and healthy in the comfort of their own homes.

If one is not really familiar with what exercise resistance bands are, this particular exercise tool is similar to a jump rope, although more stretchable than ordinary jump ropes. Resistance bands are usually created from rubber or any similar material that could endure strenuous stretching by the operator. The thing with resistance bands is that they make standard exercise routines and movements harder since there is extra resistance involved.

Different Ways to Use Resistance Bands

A beginner or someone who is not thoroughly knowledgeable about resistance bands might have difficulty at first in finding and buying the right tool. It might also be challenging at first to incorporate it with the conventional exercises one is accustomed to. To properly maneuver a resistance band, it is suggested that you step on it using your feet and pull the band as it pleases and satisfies your exercise routine.

It can also be secured onto a door or any type of solid base that would not budge when the band is severely stretched. Another suggestion would be fastening the band on your feet and do exercises that require sitting or lying down.

Benefits of Resistance Bands

Exercise Resistance Band2

  1. There is a bountiful list of benefits that resistance bands bring. First and foremost, acquiring a resistance band is actually very undemanding to one’s wallet. It is cheap and can be easily replaced if the band breaks.
  2. Second, it is handy and mobile. They can fit in a small bag. Basically, a resistance band can be used anywhere. If one is going on a vacation and is worried about skipping exercise and working out, fret not because resistance bands will be there to the rescue.
  3. Third, it is a multipurpose tool. It can make one’s workout regimen a lot more exciting and thrilling. It is also flexible in terms of how the user utilizes it and adds variety to the exercise routine. It can be used on the different areas of the body that one wishes to improve.
  4. And lastly, it strengthens the coordination of one’s body. Since there is a lot of rigidity when using a resistance band, it allows the body to improve its stamina, strength, and the like. Adding a resistance band to one’s workout can overall improve the state of one’s condition.

Types of Resistance Bands

When choosing and picking out exercise bands, one might be overwhelmed by the extensive selection that is available in stores. Resistance bands are available in the department store and the usual sporting goods houses. If one wants more variety when picking a resistance band, some websites on the Internet also offer all sorts of resistance bands.

Some prefer to buy the basic ones, others prefer the ones that cater to more experienced users.Basically, there are two types of resistance bands. The first one is the basic resistance, which caters to beginners and those who are just new to working out. Basic resistance bands are usually made of rubber, and they are wide in width.

The second type is the tube resistance. Tube resistance bands, unlike the basic resistance band, can be made of different materials such as rubber or cord. Tube resistance cords also come with foam handles that give the user an easier time with their post workout woes such as blistering and soreness.

Resistance Levels

There are also what you call resistance levels. Resistance levels enable the buyers to know how much tension the band can endure when one is exercising. There are four classifications of resistance levels; these are light, medium, heavy, and extra heavy.

  • Light resistance bands are deemed for newbies, elderly people, or those who are experiencing any kind of impairment on their body that requires minimal resistance only.
  • Medium resistance bands are slightly heavier than the light band, and it is the most common that is used by people who regularly exercise. The heavy resistance bands cater to more experienced users who would like a challenge.
  • Last but not least, the extra heavy resistance bands are for professionals and most experienced operators. Hardcore athletes and workout enthusiasts usually buy resistance bands that are from this resistance level.

Facts to Consider

If one wants his/her resistance band to look special and out of the ordinary, there are a lot of resistance band colors to choose from. They come in all the rainbow colors, and the common and neutral ones like black, white, and grey. When buying resistance bands, keep in mind that one should always look and test how comfortable the product is. Most stores that sell resistance bands allow potential buyers to test out the product first as to give them a feel of what they’re going to purchase. Buy bands that are easy to use as to freely make use of the product’s versatility. When choosing a resistance band, keep in mind these four factors that should be of high rating to one’s choice: Ease of Use, Reliability, Longevity, and Flexibility.

Exercise resistance bands are a great help to developing one’s overall resistance. This tool is very helpful for those who want an easier time and a less hassle alternative to going to a fitness gym. Resistance bands are a great investment as they are affordable and have a lot of uses. Everyone’s bodies are different, and what might work for one might not work for the other. It is important to be keen when buying this because acquiring the wrong one can lead to injuries or affliction.