Best Gas Grill for the Money

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Best Gas Grill for the Money

Choosing the best gas grill for the money can vary widely from person to person as it partly depends on what your exact needs are. Gas grills come in many different sizes and with a long list of different features that can add important functionality. Additionally, the many different models available allow you to use a gas grill in a range of different places such as unit that is portable and good for camping trips or a large unit that is good for use at home. If you enjoy having large gatherings or even small events while enjoying delicious food cooked right on the grill, then there are plenty of great options available to serve your needs.

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#1 – Weber Spirit

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Weber Spirit Overview

The Weber Spirit is a full size and feature rich gas grill that is sure to satisfy even the most experienced chefs. The unit is black in color and stainless steel giving it a serious and professional appearance. It is equipped with a very large 360 inches of cooking area that expands to over 450 inches when taking into account the additional warming rack area that is available as well. The Spirit is fueled by liquid propane and includes a very convenient fuel gauge so you know before you start cooking exactly how much fuel is left.

The included owner’s manual makes setup a breeze and you even get a grilling guide that offers important tips to ensure you prepare the best meals possible. For added convenience, it is equipped with simple push button ignition and the two side burners are capable of putting out 26,500 BTUs per hour. This grill is easily among the best gas grills for the money on the market today and leaves very little to be desired even from the most demanding cooks.

Buyer’s Guide

Gas Grill 1There are many features that may or may not come with a gas grill and some are more important than others. However, many of the requirements you may need with your gas grill of choice are largely dependent upon on where you plan to use it, how many people you typically are cooking for and what type of convenience features you prefer.

However, even though some of the options available for a gas grill may be more or less important to a particular chef, you can get a fully equipped unit at a very reasonable price. In fact, with all of the great options available it doesn’t make much sense to leave out some of the more useful features as they are usually available in many different price categories.


When purchasing the best gas grill for the money there are a few important features to look for that will make your cooking experience much better. One of those is recognizing how many burners the grill includes. The number of burners will determine how well heat is distributed and the more evenly heat is distributed the better your results will be. Depending on the size of a grill you should look for at least 3 burners but 4 burners can offer optimum results for grills with larger cooking surfaces.

Side burners can often be overlooked but are an important aspect involved with outdoor cooking. It can be very inconvenient to run in and out of the house trying to check the food on the grill as well as food cooking inside. Therefore, it is much easier to buy a grill that already offers side burners so you can do all of your cooking all in one place. This adds tremendous convenience and makes it easier when you are making sauces or need to heat up extra goodies that perhaps you will end up putting on your meat hot off the grill. Whatever you plan on cooking, side burners should be on your “must have” list on your next gas grill.


Gas Grill 2The size of the cooking area is a consideration that is extremely important as buying a grill that is too small to feed the size of your group will end up being a constant annoyance. For the best overall use for families and even small gatherings it is usually best to choose a grill that has a cooking area of at least 300 inches if not a little larger. If you are unsure what your needs are, it is always best to caution on the side of going a little larger as opposed to smaller in this category.

A good warranty is something that can come in handy if you purchase anything more than a cheap throw away grill. While gas grills are overly expensive, a good one will cost you at least few dollars and the top manufacturers usually offer some type of warranty. Additionally, people normally tend to keep their grills around for an extended period of time, often many years. Therefore, a solid warranty might save you the cost of replacing a gas grill that prematurely has a problem that is not very common for some reason.

Finally, maintenance and clean up can be a hassle if you get a grill that is constructed with the wrong material. Stainless steel is typically the safest bet if you want a unit that is convenient and easy to maintain. Once the grill has cooled, simply using a brush with a little pressure and some soap and water on the exterior will clean things up in snap. While cooking out is a lot of fun and offers delicious food we all look forward to eating, the cleanup process is not very fun. Therefore, save yourself a lot of time and trouble by selecting a stainless model for the easiest ownership experience.