Best In-Ear Headphones under $100

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Best In-Ear Headphones under $100

Headphones provide a convenient electronic link between audio devices such as computers, tablets, hand-held devices, phones, vehicle audio-systems and, obviously, your ears. The “in-ear” varieties of headphones are designed to fit on the ears so that the device’s communication tip, when the headphones are correctly positioned, extends into the ear cavity comfortably.

Because of this distinctive positioning, in-ear headphones are very effective for capturing and transmitting audio, somewhat due to their much more snug and close fit compared to other headphone styles. In-ear headphones are available in many different price ranges, with those under $100 belonging to the category commonly referred to as economic to moderately priced models. In spite of their attractive price point, many models within this category offer high-quality audio input and output capabilities.

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#1 – In-Ear Sport Headphones with Built-in Mic

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In-Ear Sport Headphones with Built-in Mic Overview

This MEE product is an affordable and quality choice for in-ear headphones available under $100. Available in the traditional black color, along with grey components, these in-ear headphones come with four flexible ear piece fittings. Included with the headphones is a connector clip to secure the headphone wires, and also, flex ear hooks that wrap around the user’s ears to ensure a snug match of headphone and user.

They are specifically designed to stand up to the rigors of running and working out, which means that their durability, flexibility, and effectiveness is excellent for both non-athletic and athletic use. They are also coated for sweat-resistance and against other adverse elements, further ensuring long lasting use.

Sound quality is obviously an important focal point for this product and media input controls are provided, including a built-in microphone that allows for multi-tasking such as taking or making calls and while utilizing other features.

Almost two hundred online reviews yield an excellent 4.5 of 5 rating for this product, with numerous reviews praising the flexibility and durability of these headphones, the balance of their sound quality, and the compatibility factor, with this product connecting effectively with a wide range of audio devices. This product also comes with a protective carrying case as well as a one-year warranty.

Buyer’s Guide

In-Ear Headphones2With all of the many in-ear headphone-products available in today’s market, buyers will want to stop and examine a variety of smart consumer considerations before making their final choice.

Cost is a primary consideration, of course. Within the “under $100” range of products, there are many choices, with various high-quality in-ear headphones available both online and in traditional electronics outlets and other stores.

How you plan to use a set of headphones is an important consideration. Buyers who want headphones that will stand up to their running and workout regimens will want to focus on products that have the flexibility and durability that can withstand the punishment which exercising will bring to their headphones. Durability is also relevant for consumers who travel often, for business or for pleasure, with other particular in-ear headphones being especially suitable for vehicle-based audio-systems.

There are in-ear headphones that are designed for use in conjunction with helmets worn by motorcyclists. For use inside of a motorcycle helmet or regular use while working out, in-ear headphones that are sweat-proof and water-proof, flexible, light-weight but durable, and tangle-free will provide the best match for consumers.

The basic construction of in-ear headphones is an important factor when trying to determine which model is right for you. Are the headphones made of plastic? Rubber? Do they have aluminum or strengthening components? Latex? There are many different types available in fact; even Kevlar-based in-ear headphones are available for purchase in many stores and online. Buyers who anticipate frequent or rugged use such as using headphones while biking, running or doing aerobics your chosen model should be specifically designed for the types of activities you will be participating in.

Sound-quality is another key to choosing the right model of in-ear headphones. After all, the point of purchasing headphones is to connect to audio-sources for the sake of enjoyment or the information that comes from listening to one’s preferred music, news-source, or other audio-programming. In this light, consumers will want to look carefully at the volume and sound-quality components included in available in-ear headphone models.

What are the “inline” controls available for this product? Can the bass- and treble-elements of the audio-input be controlled? Are there built-in drivers that can and will enhance the audio quality? What are the built-in volume controls for a particular model of in-ear headphones being considered? These are some core questions you will want to answer before making an actual purchase

In today’s world, multi-tasking is common, which means that most buyers will want to have the option to use their in-ear headphones for taking and making calls, as well as listening to music or other audio-input from selected devices. Therefore, many buyers will want to consider a designed-for-mobile-phone product with a built-in microphone as an essential feature.

In-Ear Headphones1At the same time, as with most other products, the simple power of a name often speaks volumes. It should not be forgotten that it is possible to find high-quality in-ear headphones within the economic-to-moderate price range, with a recognized name-brand, such as Bose.

The physical construction of in-ear headphones is yet another key element to be considered. While wireless in-ear headphones may be available to consumers in the “moderate” price range, the more typical available product is wired.

Noise-reduction and noise-isolation capacities of in-ear headphones are important factors to be considered, with many products being specifically designed to shut out totally or in part the noises of the outside world while the product is being used. Consumers may be especially drawn to in-ear headphone products that provide diverse ear piece fittings and attachments that fit over the basic speaker piece to provide a tighter fit and perhaps also enhanced audio-quality.

The Safety Factor

In-ear headphones are just one of many headphone type products available for purchase. However, many models standout from other available options due to their snug and comfortable fit, as well as noise-reduction or noise-resistant capabilities. Consumers should bear in mind that, with the intimately enhanced audio-quality supplied by in-ear headphones, ear-safety is a factor not-to-be-overlooked. Volume-controls, sound-quality controls for bass and treble, equalizers, multi-functional capacity, such as the ability to switch over to a call mid-song or vice versa, and other factors should all be taken into consideration for the sake of purchasing and using the “safest and best” product for each individual consumer.